Lessons from Little Prince

When Little Prince first sees our world, it was dry, pointed, and odd. After trailing through sand, rocks and snow, he finds at last a road. He finds grownups in the strangest ways: dry, pointed, harsh and unimaginative.


By forcing one to grow up one leaves the things which matter greatly during childhood in exchange of figures, wealth, fame and career.

Grownups keep on missing the details; waste time on what is unnecessary, and even fancies the self in believing that he is more important than anyone else.

Then one finds the self lost among men who are on the same things that he pursues. And that is why one grows lonely and confused. One becomes weary and beaten.

As grownups are, it is never too old to learn from the Little Prince.

Watch out for the baobabs

Even the smallest things can turn into big problems when neglected. We don’t pay attention to small things because they appear harmless or adorable in the surface just like the baobabs. It is a matter of discipline and patience to remove what is unwanted and senseless before it totally destroys us.

It is much more difficult to judge the self than to judge others.

We thought we are better than others the way we judge them by their imperfection. But when we start to judge ourselves, you will encounter the barrier that impedes our chance to grow into a better person.

Lessons on Friendship

When it comes to building relationships, people often overlook this little wisdom: One only understands the things that one tames. When we accept a person into our life, we start to value them and understand them.

We build love and trust with them while bearing the responsibility to that relationship.

What is beautiful is hidden; it is invisible to our naked eyes.

Grownups are so caught up with the appearance and think they are not worth a cent. But if we close our eyes and look more closely, there is more than what meets the eye.

There is wonderful in everyone and everything unattractive and odd. And there is special and amazing in every worst of the situations if we look more deeply with our hearts instead of our eyes. Life would be very beautiful indeed!

Embrace your inner child

Little Prince urges us to look deeper into our hearts, to find the true meaning of life without losing the sense of wonder and amazement of a child. It is very rare to meet a person who can hold on to present, enjoy life and embrace possibilities, without letting go of their childlike ways.

When we find the meaning ourselves, when we enrich our life with openness and the ability to love completely and fully, then we can truly laugh and dance with the stars.

Share your insights from Saint Exupery’s Little Prince.

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