Life in Learning and Learning in Life


Is the sun scorching intensely that our eyes could hardly see the beauty of life? The loveliness of life lies in knowing that we never cease to grow because we keep on learning regardless of age or degree or status we might have. Life is filled with colors and melodies as we continue to see life’s wonderful lessons. Learning is the best life skill that we must keep hold of. Having a learning attitude is simply an inescapable part of a magnificent life.

I fondly remember a spoiled brat girl who strongly told me, ‘I want to go home now!’She was at her grumpy mood handing out her assignment to me. I  replied with silence and she then understood what I meant. That silence meant a lot to her and from that day onwards, she learned how to deal with people properly.

Start with Silence

This is where learning is at its peak. We need to commune with silence. It is the start of learning. Silence is not just unspeaking with the lips; it is also keeping the mind still so that the sound of wisdom fills the spaces. Listen, catch what it is unsaid and from there move. It is easier said than done as a conventional learner asserts. But the fruit is sweet and nourishing not just for the self but for others. So, silence, stillness and the ability to absorb come together perfectly. It is a talent that everyone should use. Otherwise, boredom fills the day and every night seems so long and it becomes a humdrum, parched living.

Journey with Courage

‘One step of courage, a thousand miles of victory’-  an ancient wisdom kept by those who believe. Every success started with one single step of courage. Even if we have all the armaments to start the journey, we cannot move and learn without courage. Journey with courage and acquire all the necessary basics to achieve victory. Sometimes, the path is not that clear and we could hardly see the destination. It is clouded with mist and fog of fear, doubt and worry. But when we slay these self-imposed illusions, then we are free to explore and to soar the optimum potential, deemed to be reached by human beings.

Holding the Hand of Determination

Without determination, success cannot be guaranteed as this is the key to make it happen no matter how impossible it may be. Hold tightly yet lightly and determination will create wonders. When we keep it firmly, then we are steadfast to marvel and we are able to absorb all the learning we are ought to understand. Yet we must hand it lightly as well so that we don’t break when big storms shake the path that we need to pass. Undeniably, we cannot expect the road to be always straight, there are curves, sometimes it is so sharp that we have to use a lot of energy to turn, at times we bump hills and mountains and these are all essential parts of learning. We must continue to move and when determination is so strong, so firm, the destination is not far off.

With all these said, life is actually learning, and learning is life. And when we use silence, courage and determination to be constituents of the learning process, we can create a beautiful journey.

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