What Sustains Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm or zest is in essence a notion of valor and entails gaining the spur to complete tough circumstances and responsibilities. Those who have it radiate anticipation and power while performing tasks in life. How can we possess that we hold unto it just as we hold our monetary assets whether tangible like stocks or intangible as copyrights? Assets are one’s or company’s fiscal resource so is ENTHUSIASM. It is a driving force, the fire that is blazing; it makes one move with vivacious energy. Without enthusiasm, life is a desert, dry, sandy and grimy.

I can vividly recall how a young girl curiously asked me in one tranquil afternoon beside a Traveler’s Palm Tree in school. She sweetly asked, “Teacher, what makes the world go round?” I replied with a smile trying to catch what probed her. She was on her tender age of 5 and I believe it must be a question that she heard from somebody else. So I said, well, there are different answers to that. I can always tell you my own viewpoint but let me know where you got such inquisitive query”. She answered with a sigh, “well, my big brother reads his books aloud and I tend to memorize few lines and I use them to converse with people that I believe to be wise”. Then I told her, “according to Isaac Newton, it’s the sun’s gravitational pull which rotates the Earth and other planets around it. While others would say that love or money makes the world go round. For me, it’s enthusiasm”.

However, having enthusiasm at the moment is not enough, we have to sustain it, nurture it so that it becomes a treasure that we keep and share to others. In Positive Psychology, they use the term ‘zest’. It is also the same with enthusiasm. Some use the words ‘gusto, eagerness or zeal’. You can also coin a nice word that will fit your viewpoint. Here a few steps to fire up the enthusiasm and how to avoid it from waning.

  • Have a Vision – if the vision is clear, then you know where you are putting your footprints. It is ridiculous to step forward and leave footprints behind without a clear vision of what you need or want to achieve. See yourself in the future. What does it look like? Where are you at that time? What are you doing? Who are with you? How will you make it happen?

  • Know the Reason – understand why you are doing it; like a painter who artistically colors his piece for a reason of creating a masterpiece. The canvas is filled with different strokes and every twist and turn has a reason. And if it devoid of its purpose, he will retouch to adhere to the intention that he has set.

  • Remember your Attainments – reckon your victories whether they are just celebrated in a corner or it is distinguished. When you treasure them they become great harbors for crossroads life’s aspirations.

  • Create a Point of Focus – In your house or workplace, create a space where you can profoundly invigorate yourself. Placing an image of a point of light, gently looking at it increases your concentration. These moments of stillness will alleviate your loads and this will surely keep the fire of enthusiasm up high. When the spirit is light, everything seems light.

  • Keep good company – a time-honored slogan of the wise says ‘Good company takes you across, bad company drowns you’; keeping the company of positive people allows you to fulfill and reach the goal and it will also help you to traverse all various pushes and jams.

Share what sustains enthusiasm in your life. The more you share the energy, the more it will increase in your life.

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