Art of Inner Peace


How is it even conceivable to preserve inner peace in the middle of daily busy life?A life which is extremely busy; jam-packed with loads, hassles, demands, targets, due dates, expectations and even dreams, peace becomes ‘conditional’. In order to stay calm and retain peace when unanticipated things occur is really a challenging effort. Indeed, all of us have the right to experience peace but in this ever-demanding life, we need to get a steady flow of inner peace and stability in order to keep it within ourselves. And positively, the experience of inner peace allows many other beautiful things to grow and blossom, such as security, contentment, love and happiness.

Then how can we create such inner peace and stability?

Let’s start by having the awareness that peace is our natural state of being. The reason why we are longing for peace or we feel that something is missing when peace is lost and we feel incomplete because of the reality that peace is our innate possession, it is our true nature.

After having the awareness that peace belongs to us, it is within us, the next step is to nurture peace within through the practice of meditation or we can call it ‘silence’. Make peace like a garland around your neck. It is like a necklace or a jewel that you possess. Feel it… nurture it… cultivate it… make it grow and blossom…

Here are 3 easy steps to experiment with:

1)      Sit quietly in a comfortable position.

2)      Feel that peace is going deeper and deeper inside until you experience yourself to be just ‘light’.

3)      As you become a form of light, a tiny point of light, feel it, experience it and stay in this consciousness for few moments.

4)      After savoring the feeling and the experience of being so peaceful, take time between your activities, during breaks to practice this and see the difference that takes place in your life.

Now that you are aware how peace can be retained within your state of being, let it become so profound that it becomes a natural way of life not just an awareness but it has become your lifestyle. Then after few months or perhaps a year of sincere practice, you will see the difference between your past reactions and responses to what you are now after trying these simple steps.

Make the right choice to  invest in a positive practice and let others blossom as you grow. Every drop of peace is a drop of hope in this hopeless world. The more individuals take this step of peace, the more we can make this place a better and a safer place to live in. It’s our nature to be peaceful anyway, thus, make an endeavor to practice this and let others join as well.

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