15 Little Lessons: Breeze in Happiness

  • Start your day with a grin and create affirmations that will release your positivity.
  • Spend the day with the awareness that each day is an opportunity to bring good cheers to yourself and to others (which includes nature and other creatures)
  • Happiness is a heritage. Always remember this.
  • Don’t take sorrow. Sorrow is extrinsic, they are acquired. So you have the choice not to take it.
  • Remember to keep the company of positive thinkers and influence negative thinkers to step out from harmful round of pessimism.
  • Relish every morsel with gratitude of how nature is abundantly nurturing you with its lentils, legumes and peas.
  • Face realities but hope for the best upshot to come inevitably because of your will power.
  • Keep an honest heart. It is said that when there is truth the soul dances in happiness.
  • Happiness is the greatest nourishment. Cultivate it daily to get a bountiful crop.
  • Sorry’ is a very important word. Say sorry when you made a mistake or someone is hurt.
  • Temperance brings steadiness. Freeing oneself to excessive indulgence allows you to feel bliss.
  • There are thousands of life experiences and your part is to take the sap out of it. Keep ‘saccharine’ and discard ‘pungent’.
  • Consider feelings, they are heart’s expressions. Emotions should be processed; they are extrinsic to your well being.
  • See each scene as part of the unlimited play. Each actor has a playlet. Create the best script for your piece.
  • Be grateful for what you have and make effort for excellence of under-performance.


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