Little Lessons Give and Receive Cycle

  • Give your very best to live by your purpose.
  • Give your time to those who are in need but also share some time for those who thought they don’t need any.
  • Give encouragement and never daunt others’ hope; it might be the only thing that they have in times of trial.
  • Giving must be selfless. Altruistic deeds not just traverse; they travel miles and leave great impressions even long after you’re gone.
  • Giving is a natural cadence. It is when one stop giving that life is abandoned.
  • Give your treasures of joy, love and peace and cherish life’s most profound encounters.
  • Giving must be free from selfish motives. Devastating veracity pulls glumness that ruins good relationships.
  • Give and leave. Free yourself from the desire to earn a name and fame. Desires are strong expressions of the vice of ego.
  • Receiving is the result of giving.
  • Receive only what is useful. Filthy and mucky things should be thrown in the bin. Don’t keep them with you.
  • Receive appreciation but never accept adulation.
  • In receiving, don’t develop the attitude of lacking something. Keep in your awareness that all needs will come at the right moment.
  • In receiving, be contented. Don’t ask for more.
  • Whatever you have received, share it and positive energy will continue to flow to the world.
  • Give and receive is the natural rhythm. This is a wonderful exchange of positive energy.


Share what you have given that made someone happy or something that you have received and have shared to others that made them happy.

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