Law of Attraction

What does the law of attraction say?

“I attract whatever I send out”

“What one puts out is what one will take back”

It is as simple as taking back what I gave out, it is sowing what you will reap later, what goes around, comes around. Plant the seed and accordingly, it will bear fruit. The quality of seeds is the quality of the fruits that you will harvest.

Every time you do something out of love, you are doing it to do something good and there are no selfish motives, during the time of need, a support will come. This is the law of attraction. I sent out love, so I attract that energy of love accordingly.

If you act with voracity, then you will meet someone with the same energy, then conflicts arise. But if you do something with sincerity and integrity then the right outcomes will take place.

This is the Law of Attraction; it states that everyone is attracted towards its own beat. It is when we divert and deviate to another direction that we yield into something negative. We are lost in the trails of our original state of being. We begin to be attracted to false things, thinking that these fleeting temporary things that bring pleasure to our physical senses are means to make us happy. But it’s the opposite. It is when we take ‘happiness’ on these fleeting sources that the emptiness of the spirit becomes so deep that an experience of natural happiness, that ultimate joy and bliss becomes so distant and it just becomes an ideal of a perfect world.

Thus, make this law your friend. Attract positive energy with your positive rhythm. Think great thoughts, feel peaceful moods, experience a beautiful life with your own positive outlook. Attract an energy that will bring solace to your own being. And if you are humble to take help from God, do so. He is beyond all limitations that are set in this physical dimension. Remember that He is beyond the Law of Karma. Why is this so? He is ever-pure, eternally free from physical bondages. Thus, He is the only Being who can completely bring back your original state of being – pure, clean, blissful and contented. Others can be a source of inspiration, they can be your friends on the journey but always remember that the road is steep, thus, take the support of the One who is always steady and overflowing.

light.connectionAttract His energy of peace, love, happiness by connecting with Him with a true heart. Your sincerest wishes can come true as long as you keep believing and doing what will take you up there. Remember though that things happen at the right time, some may happen quickly, others will take longer. If it is taking some time, keep patience as your shining armor and keep on moving in the right direction and be rest assured that it will definitely happen.

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