12 Secrets of Contentment

Life is indeed complicated, full of trapdoors and twists. However, there are keys to achieve the elusive ultimate bliss. On the primary level, in order to achieve contentment, the discovery of these keys is an essential requirement. Here they are.

  1. Always carry good words

As Alicia Keys put it in her song, what goes around comes around. So whatever it is that escaped your mouth will certainly find its way to come back to you. Given such, let go of words that construct, build, encourage and make people feel cared about.

  1. Fill the bucket list

Write all your heart’s wishes, all your wildest fantasies and achieve them. In the end, what you will regret are the things you missed. But be careful that your means in achieving the dreams that you wish for don’t hurt others.

  1. Appreciate what you have

See the things around you, appreciate their mere presence. Remember that they are irrevocable, especially the people in your life. Do not take them for granted. Appreciate what you have, before they become what you had.

  1. Collect positive vibes

Positive energy can elevate a person and most importantly, relieves stress. Open your life to positive balance. Removing unnecessary grudges will give space for optimism.

  1. Keep a diary

Record your day to day life. Keeping a journal is like writing down your subconscious thoughts, only that you can read and reread the passages. Through this, you can learn a lot about yourself, how you think and what you want. This is a bridge towards knowing yourself better.

  1. Give, above all

In the end, what you have given is all that counts. It is the act of kindness that matters to people.

  1. Stay positive

You can be successful! Get rid of all the ideas that says you can’t. You can achieve what you want if you put your effort and determination in your objectives. The universe will conspire if you believe.

  1. Picture the future

Hold the image of the future in your head and hold unto that. Allot some time to contemplate them.

  1. Contemplate the meaning of your existence

Understand that life isn’t about living solely for mere existence like accumulating money is a habit of a miser. Dedicating your life for humanity or even arts will bring contentment.

  1. Forgive

Learning to let go of the hurts of the past can relieve you from painful experiences. Forgive and move on. Don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned by the chains of unhappy memories. Remember that you cannot blame others of your feelings. They may be harsh and had made detrimental things towards you but you are still in charge of how you respond to these cruelties. It’s true that it takes a lot of humility to forgive but its gentleness that will make everything great again. You don’t have to be a martyr; just set yourself free from resentment and they will eventually bow down and feel sorry.

  1. Have a loving relationship with God

He can be your everything – your Father, your Mother, your Friend and He can also be your Beloved. See how marvelous your life would be if you make Him your priority. Remembering Him and making a loving connection with Him is the sweetest of all relationships. He is with you eternally. Human beings, even if they have love today, will move on to another lifetime, leaving you alone. But God is eternal and He will always be with you wherever you go.

  1. Remember to breathe

Relax. Breathe. Smile. Live.

Following these simple pathways can lead to a simple and contented life.


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