The Art of Thinking and Creating

As human beings, we are endowed with art skills generally known as life skills. One of the most important among all the skills is the art of thinking and creating.

Thinking refers to the being. Simply to say ‘human’ is not enough. It has to be human beings. If we look at the etymology of the word human, it came from the Latin word ‘humus’ which means ‘earth or soil’; it is referring to the physical. Whereas the word ‘being’ means ‘the spirit, the soul’; the being is metaphysical. It is invisible and intangible as opposed to the former, it is visible and tangible. That being said, we are now clear that the being is the one that produces thoughts, thus, it is the creator, it has the role to perform the art of thinking. By knowing this, we can actually direct our thoughts in the right way. It takes practice but it is simple as it is inherent in us. We just need to cultivate this art of thinking so that we become excellent creators of our thoughts and feelings.

Understanding the Cycle of Thoughts

There are 3 components that comprise the being, the soul. We can also call them compartments or we can simply use the word ‘senses’. Just as the physical body has 5 senses, in the same way, the being, the soul, has 3 ‘senses’.

Mind – creates thoughts. These thoughts carry vibrations or energies. And every thought has corresponding feelings or emotions. Depending on the quality of the thought, a feeling or an emotion is produced. For instance, the thought is ‘I want to eat a green mango’. The feeling of salivating arises from that thought.

Intellect – It is the decision maker. The intellect weighs the thoughts that the mind creates. If we use the same example of the thought of eating a green mango, the intellect will then judge if the action of eating it will take place. If the decision is to eat the mango is made, then the person will perform the action accordingly.

Subconscious Mind (sanskara) – comprises our personality, habits, impressions and traits. It is the recorder of all the subtle and actual actions of a human being. The intellect decided to eat the green mango, so the subconscious mind records the thought and feelings and action of eating the mango. The experience that the person had when he ate the fruit will be recorded in the subconscious mind.

Understanding how this cycle turns will help us in performing the art of thinking and creating accurately and with careful consideration. And in order to master this art, we need to learn how to slow down our thought process.Observe the flow of the mind if it is creating too fast like a hare that scampered but lost the race or is it calm as a lake. When we are agitated, we tend to create thoughts and feelings rapidly. And then accidents happen. Mishaps here are negative energies, those reactions that we usually regret having them after having a dusk reflection. Reactions like irritation, clutters, being distressed or pressured, and forceful drain our mental energy. When the mind is tired and the intellect is weak to fathom things accurately, then mistakes happen. The subconscious mind will record all these series of reactions and actions. A habit is then formed. So the art is shattered. It is lost in the abyss of too much thinking of negative thoughts. And when the art of thinking and creating is habitually not used, the masterpiece of the being, the soul collects grime and dirt. And when the piece is so dusty and rusty, it is no longer good to display in the gallery. This is the time of metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis – The Most Challenging Stage

Silence is the main constituent of this process. Just like a caterpillar, it enters the chrysalis, intense transformation is happening inside, it is painful, it is appalling but it is essential for the formation of the butterfly, so it has to tolerate. In the same way, wise beings as we should be can take this challenging process of thought metamorphosis. It is not an overnight success, it is a journey and in every journey, side scenes are enticing but we must not forget the destination as we are enjoying the side scenes along the way. When we have mastered the art, we can wonderfully create pure thoughts. Remember that thoughts can travel distant miles and it can reach in a second. How magnificent it is when we collectively create pure and positive thoughts.

Share one pure or positive thought below. By sharing one positive thought, we can be together in creating ebullient dynamic individuals. Each thought ripples energy to the world.

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