Art of Letting Go


Letting go is simply clearing out our lumps, blocks, boundaries in order to continue the tide and have inner joy. It is to step forward and to move on with the flow of life. And by doing so, we are able to draw positive energy and be able to bring a hopeful attitudeWithin, there are several stuffs that curtail the growth of a positive and contented life.

Here is a checklist of these blockages:

  • Unpreparedness to shift ones’ thinking or consciousness
  • Putting the blame to others on ones’ own well-being and feelings
  • Not having self-respect and the lack of self-esteem
  • Struggling to make a change
  • Suppressing ones’ feelings instead of processing
  • Making negative reactions instead of creating constructive and helpful responses
  • Looking at others by making comparisons and criticisms
  • Creating lots of expectations
  • Making situations big by exaggerations
  • Overthinking – not having the control over ones’ thoughts

In order to process the blockages above in order to let go and move forward smoothly, take these steps:

  • Learning attitude – when I am facing a situation, even if it’s as high as Himalayas, spot lessons that will make the journey meaningful with a learning attitude; there is at least one or two things that is teaching me about life.
  • Everything is beneficial – just pat your back and say ‘there is benefit in everything’. Sometimes, when we are clouded, it is challenging to see the benefit especially when we know deep in our hearts that we did the best that we can. However, time is also a crucial element. So even if I cannot see the ‘benefit’ of the current situation, just wait and see and life will show you.
  • Keep believing especially to your own self. Remember the box of Pandora. Hope will carry the day and the first thing that you have to uplift is your own self. Always think that you are valuable and capable and all needs will be addressed.
  • Love yourself. Embrace your own loveliness and uniqueness. Stop looking at others. This will stop the negative cycle of comparing and criticizing.
  • Be responsible. You’re responsible of your own feelings and well-being. Shield your well-being with negative vibes by surrounding yourself with happy feelings. Situations will come and go. Your responses will help in making them positive.
  • In every activity, it could be sports, classes, arts, play or work, breaks are important. Making short breaks means giving some rest to your mind. During these short breaks, step into peace and make your mind tranquil by having deep breaths, slowing down your thoughts and keeping your mind light.

With these steps of letting go, you can move on and start another chapter of your life. Indeed, letting go is an art that we all should learn.

One thought on “Art of Letting Go

  1. This is so inspiring. Letting go has got to be one of the hardest things to do in life, but once accomplished bring out the best feeling in the world. Personally it takes me a very long time to let go, but I’d rather go through the process than force myself. Time heals all wounds, eventually, when it’s time, we all get there.


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