The Art of Staying Happy and Contented

Precisely why are we seeking for happiness? Why are we not able to be a little more significantly less engaged with our degree of well-being, working on pure judgment instead of looking for something as somewhat hit-or-miss and spontaneous as happiness? Would life be possible without joy?

happy sun

At one of our simplest psychological operations, we as humankind cannot drive something which we have never encountered. For instance, one can’t desire an orange crepe with butter sauce if one hasn’t ever tasted an orange crepe with butter sauce. You will probably find some flaws in this viewpoint and debate that you could possibly certainly learn about the crepe or perhaps see another individual eating it and from that point learn to desire for it, even though you haven’t ever tasted it. Nonetheless, consider the fact that you have never experienced the tastes, the texture, and aromas; you are able to only imagine what the practical experience could be like. You would want not the ‘crepe’, but your ‘thought’ of what the crepe might possibly be like.

Right Frame of Mind

Therefore, one can’t really want something he or she has didn’t have. We can’t have fondness for bliss unless we’ve experienced real happiness before. Thus, there’s no need to be bothered if our current situations are not precisely favorable to our delight, for just as we have in one time experienced happiness, we are absolute to enjoy it once again, with proper frame of mind. The real difference between superb happiness and uncomfortable despair could be as simple as a change in our own perspective.

In the same way we can’t compel time to shift at a stride more to our preference so that the happy days are longer and dark nights are less frequent, we simply cannot push instances of our lives to consistently be heartwarming. This is exactly what it implies when we state that joy does not settle in the tangible world. Serenity, fulfillment, bliss, and love can certainly be such whimsical and short lived things if we aren’t aware that fulfillment doesn’t dwell in the external world inhabited by materiality. Rather, contentment is attained with the level of understanding and steadfast intrinsic power. Just as much as we would want to control our situations, the reality is that we are not able to do so.

One’s body may become ill, loved ones will pass away; dreadful natural calamities will keep taking place, altering the path of countless lives. The attainment of contentment, happiness, and love is likewise possible in these devastating circumstances. Genuine and long lasting happiness is learning how to dwell in both the complete stillness and tornadoes in life.

This makes joy not an ensuing effect of situation or the outcomes of inescapable events; instead, it is important to our very being as well as inherent within the inner depths of the spirit. As opposed to looking externally, look inside for that inner joy. Tend not to look to the ones that surround us for joy, rather, we have to learn to be aware that true and long lasting joy is a sapling that we grow and develop within ourselves.

Sustaining Happiness

Contentment naturally arises within each one of us, and that’s why we all yearn for it. All we have to do is recognize it and carry it with gentle attention.

Although the concept may seem simple, the reasons and subtleties of joy set out to betray themselves in the way we must figure out how to teach our minds. Equally as joy is innate, our potential for its attainment is directly associated to our own consciousness and understanding of it. Our awareness of our ability to be happy can be created and refined in as simple phrases of self-affirmations. For instance, each morning, between your moments in which you awaken from slumber and actively start your morning, you can tell to yourself positive and meditative statements like, “I am a being that is full of joy… happiness is my birthright…” Slowly and gradually, these positive affirmations will start to take form as your state of mind sets and your mind grows to allow the happiness inside, then your heart begins to cultivate it.

Moreover, when darkness comes to our way and contentment seems difficult to find among all of our difficulties, remember fondly the example of a lotus flower. As a lotus flower blooms in at standstill murky waters, we can find the magnificence within ourselves, the optimism and power for happiness, even during our murkiest moments. Invigorate the willpower of our minds to be like a lotus flower, recognizing the countless pains in our world, but letting them glide off of us as dust slides off of the waxy surface of the lotus flower. Even when the darkness of everything we may be going through seems that it will certainly not end, remember fondly the splendor of mankind, ‘we are seeking out for peace, happiness, love and contentment because it is fundamental to the soul since these are the original and real attributes of the soul itself’.

11 thoughts on “The Art of Staying Happy and Contented

  1. Husband shared with me one of his secrets. Whenever I find it hard to decide, he will always tell me ‘do things that move you to love. ‘ from there, i find it easy to decide and decide with no regrets. So have do i live a happy and contented life? I do things that move me to love.


    1. That’s an awesome mindset to have berlin! I think I’ll apply that to my own decisions too, so that I’m sure that I live life happy and with no regrets 😀 It is very true that what loveleen shared on having the right state of mind in order to ‘stay happy and contented’, that we have to treat true and long lasting joy as a sapling that we grow and develop within ourselves. 😀

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  2. Lots of religions are really focused on that: happiness. It’s what motivates people, far more than money or fame. We’ve seen people be of service to others even though it doesn’t pay too well. We’ve seen people also fall from grace and go into vices because they think that’s where happiness is found. That’s why contentment is key to balance our hedonism.


  3. Many people thought that finding real happiness relies on money or satisfying themselves in different ways. But we all know that it is just temporary when done that way. It is important to sustain happiness merely by being contented with what have and by having complete trust and faith to God. You are right about having the right frame of mind. It all starts in the mind after all.


  4. True, positive affirmations can help sustain happiness. I think it also helps to count one’s blessings. When we always appreciate what we have and celebrate little victories, we can’t help but feel more and more contented. Ultimately, we continually feel happy.


  5. Johna

    Great insights here. I guess we’re all looking for that happiness aren’t we? I wonder though when can we truly say we’re happy? I hope it’s sooner in our lives than later ☺☺☺


  6. I love it when people advocate for happiness and contentment. Nowadays, especially with millenials, some people promote being go-getters and striving for more. I don’t like to dismiss the idea and the amount of encouragement this advice does, but I surely love the idea of being happy and contented. It’s easier and it’s more helpful.


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