Living Flowers Bloom for All Seasons

Flowers are blooms that are cherished by many and they are used in various delightful ways. They give life and loveliness to special events like birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other festivities. Bunches of floras bring colors of good cheers that make one’s day!

After a hot summer season, flowers bloom in various flora-friendly areas. While they say that April showers bring May flowers, we say that living flowers bloom for all seasons. They carry with them jubilant mood and have an intimate connection with God as the Gardener.

Here are what they have shared!


Poyee, a meditation practitioner can relate to the Frenchy Fleur de lis as it signifies purity and sturdiness. It is a prominent symbol in art and architecture. 

Mums are Jilliane’s favorite! She can relate to this colorful flower for she sees life that is full of twists and turns as colorful as Mums. Jilliane is fondly described as nature-lover that’s why for a decade now and have foreseen ’til she retires, she will be working in a horticulture society in their town.

Angel, a social media specialist shared that she’s like a gardenia. “Like the gardenia that blossoms into a beautiful flower from a bud because of the warmth rays of the sun, I am also sustained by the powerful rays of love of God that also nourishes my spiritual growth. Gardenia’s scent creates a fragrant breeze in the garden, in the same way my spiritual interaction with everyone creates a soothing atmosphere.”

Venus, a kindergarten kid said “Gumamela is a complete flower but it is never displayed on the stage. It is a symbol of perfection and humility. I don’t have to parade my virtues and attainments like the Gumamela that remains grounded.”

Kumukutikutitap, a research analyst shared I am like a ‘Kampupot” , it’s white, tiny and yet soft and round with many petals. Qualities that I can relate to kampupot are purity (white), tiny (child-like), flexible (soft), round (cooperative), many petals (enthusiasm, cheerfulness). Speciality I can relate to her: Light and Might, or as commonly stated, “small but terrible.”

Crizzy loves sunflower as much as she loves the sun. Every flower has a deep connection with sunlight, it is when the beams of the sun strikes perfectly on these beautiful creatures do they bloom so sweetly to brighten the day. Crizzy, an entreprenuer is also as cheerful as these sunflowers are.

 Gina, a school teacher shared “Jasmine depicts me best as this flower is simple and tiny. Its sweet scent emits the fragrance of innocence, modesty and purity. Jasmine flowers also express nobility and elegance.”

Living flowers are really lovelier as they come together in a garden. And they look loveliest as they are put in beautiful bouquet. Hence, from this month of May until we have stabilized our composure, let us fill ourselves with the qualities of flowers – cheerfulness, tranquility, innocence, sweetness and sturdiness. Let us become fragrant flowers that provide an atmosphere filled of hope and joy.

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