Madhuban: A Place to Be

Everyone needs to find a place where he can find his inner self. Our inner self usually remains hidden until such time we take the initiative to find and discover it. With this we will need to find a place where we can peacefully meditate and escape from all the harsh realities of life. Beyond the hustle and bustle the magical beauty of Madhuban is the place to be. It is the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris, an international spiritual organization that upholds life principles that helps humanity in becoming aware of its truth and highest potential.

courtyardCourtyard – Madhuban- Mount Abu

Madhuban Campus lies in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India. Surrounded by thriving plant life, and a very serene atmosphere, Madhuban can be a perfect place for meditation. In addition to this, spiritual activities can also intensify one’s spiritual prowess.

The campus remains to be a favorite place for individuals who would want to deeply experience inner peace and bliss. It serves as a place that can graciously cater guests, host events and accommodate individuals who find inner joy in silence and solace in sanctuary. Dormitories and residential homes are built along the Madhuban campus to provide shelter from pilgrims from various countries like UK, UAE, Russia, US, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and many other places from south to west. Facilities and function halls are also available for lectures, meetings, gatherings and other events.

om shanti bhavanOm Shanti Bhawan – Mount Abu

The Universal Peace Hall, a spacious auditorium that can accommodate 3,000 people remains to be a famous venue for conventions and international gatherings. It is hailed as the ultimate spot for relaxation, a sanctuary of knowledge and elevated spiritual experiences.

The Pilgrimage Places


Tower of PeaceTower of Peace – Madhuban – Mount Abu

The Tower of Peace is a white marble space that provides serenity to the soul. It is a powerful meditation spot that brings untold inner treasures of profound peace and bliss. Here lies the remains of Brahma Baba, the founder of Brahma Kumaris. This meditation place is very powerful that it draws you into silence and deep realization of who you are. The peace here is like a tower, it is so high and  so profound that every step that you take into this white space is like walking on a subtle realm of angels.

Baba's hutBaba’s Hut – Madhuban – Mt. Abu

The Hut is a small, comfy and intimate cottage that brings you into a blissful state while meditating and in deep loving communication with God. Originally, it is where the founder of the Brahma Kumaris used to write sweet letters mainly to the original members of the organization as part of his love and care to them as he had foreseen that they will be the future leaders of the organization.

Baba's roomGod’s Room – Madhuban – Mt. Abu

God’s Room (fondly called as Baba’s room) is a very special meditation room that makes the soul experience more than words can describe and more than what the mind can imagine. It is a room of total silence which brings you naturally into a heart to heart conversation with God. In this place, you are embraced by His light and heavenly joy, unfathomable peace, purest love and supreme power embrace you so firmly but gently. The magnet of God’s love is so strong that you’re enveloped tightly and the experience of having found what you’re looking for surfaces into your heart. The search is over and this is it.

History HallHistory Hall – Madhuban – Mt. Abu

History Hall is simple yet great in a way that it provides myriad transcendent experiences. It is also a good place to have a warm meeting for small gatherings. In this hall, one can journey into the organization’s heartwarming stories of the original members that are respectfully called as ‘Dadis’ (endearment for elder sisters). It is in this place where one can recollect profound experiences of how the organization started and as one gaze at the photos, the experience becomes so real that makes you feel of what the photo is depicting. It seems you’re there too in that the same scene that you’re looking at. It comes so alive as you look at them.

Madhuban is truly an extraordinary place that offers distinct, exceptional and indeed one-of-a-kind experiences that really touches the core of the being, the soul. And these most beautiful experiences practically can last for years and for some for a lifetime. In fact, digging up a tomahawk or raining on somebody’s parade are totally erased. It’s like being born again! You are completely rejuvenated and the experiences replenish a tired mind and restore hopeless hearts. As the soul has tasted the most sublime feelings and thoughts in the mind are aligned, these will eternally color the self with magnificence that will benefit him/her for a lifetime (even the future lifetimes) and those around him/her will also take benefit as he/she carries the atmosphere of Madhuban in his/her heart.




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