The Gardenia, The Diamond


You are like a gardenia that blossoms to create an atmosphere of serenity

You make each day so beautiful and so lovely

Each of your petal exudes the fragrance of purity

That it reaches the farthest land


You are like a diamond that sparkles among the crowd of other gems that are aspiring to become a diamond

Your radiance vibrates as if the sun only directed all its rays on you

Such a rare jewel that is dearly valued by many

A diamond whose facets reveal hidden treasures of the Powerful Smith


Dadiji is a living example of God’s Love and Knowledge. She is the best proof of what we are learning from the Murli. Everyone loves Dadiji and that love is a magnet that draws everyone to reach their goal in this spiritual life.

Every time I remember beautiful moments with Dadiji, only heartfelt gratitude emerges from my heart for such profound experience of the Subtle World of Angels. It was Shiv Jayanti (February 2006), after hoisting Baba’s flag in Gyan Sarovar, Dadiji and her Brahmini were slowly going back to their car. Just before the car left back to Shantivan, Dadiji looked at me, it was a very personal, so powerful, so elevated drishti that the world stopped for a moment. The experience was that the whole world suddenly stop from moving, it was a very profound silence, a silence that was so powerful that it made me reached the subtle region of angels and I felt that sweet, powerful silence was transcendental and transformative.

I am thankful to BapDada for making Dadiji  a powerful and loving instrument where one can really have not just a glimpse of God but a human being whose life is a mirror of God’s Powers, Virtues and Love. Dadiji’s humility, the feeling of belonging that she gave to everyone is so inclusive and universal and the experience of being in a family. No one is a stranger to Dadiji. Even if it’s just your first time to meet Dadi, you will not feel that she needs to adjust or she has to know you through someone’s opinion. You are “you”, you don’t have to prove or do something to be loved and accepted. Dadiji sees the highest potential of the soul that’s why the experience of belonging is felt naturally.

Dadiji also does not put ‘branding’ – this is one is so and so, hence, I will give this one more love. Dadiji’s heart is big that’s why there is a space for everyone and that makes the family one and united.


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