Positive Seed Thought

Exploring Your Own Ecosystem

Walking around the garden, Jenny notices a very tiny world that runs like our own. Jenny sees the foraging bees regurgitate the nectar that they have collected from the nectars of flowers. Then they pass it to the worker bees in the hive. As she explores the garden, she also sees fluttering butterflies around fragrant flowers of jasmine and lilies, and then she was delighted to see mushrooms growing in between the rocks.

What Jenny sees is actually a simple ecosystem. Both living and non-living thrive together to help one another.


In one’s life, an ecosystem exists; from desolate forests to nasty marshlands and even to something as small as an herbal plant in a container. The garden in Jenny’s journey is existing because of various items around, big or small.

In your own life, reflect and ponder the things that are existing. After pondering over them, muse and appreciate their presence. Some would be grand and really pleasant, few would be elements for trying times and some might be ordinary and perhaps they have just disappeared before you have noticed that they are existing.

Appreciating what exists in your life makes you attain the treasure of contentment.


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