Positive Thoughts – Crossbow of Virtual Professionals


Virtual professionals dealing with various people all over the world use positive thoughts as their gears to make the best in the online world. These professionals are online teachers, web writers, blog content managers, link builders, researchers, search engine optimizers, web developers, web designers, transcribers, data entry clerks, data miners, copywriters, article submitters, article spinners, trackers, chat support, property consultants, video makers, photographers, artists, generalists, customer service associates, social media account managers, accountants and the like. In whatever field and niche they are dealing with require time and skills that sometimes go beyond the normal office or studio demands. These virtual professionals stay late at night, wake up earlier than the usual waking time as some of them deal with completely opposite time zone that is 12 hour difference and they need to adhere to real time reporting. Hence, positive thoughts are powerful crossbows to slay the negative influences of  pressure and tiredness.

How VPs* Can Use Positive Thoughts as Weapons

  • Starting the day right means making the whole day wonderful and delightful. Begin with affirmative words like “Today, I will seize all beautiful opportunities, I am capable, the universe cooperates as I vibrate peace and love to the world”.
  • Throughout the day, listen to your heart and feel its vibes and pay attention to its well being. Do not allow heavy emotions to pull you to the abyss. Keep in your awareness that you have the choice to feel what you need to feel – happiness and security.
  • When test papers come, those situations that we often call ‘obstacles’ are actually there to make us victorious. If the battles are won, then it is an indication of triumph over snowfalls in the mountain. Roads cannot be blocked as the weapons of positive energy are so powerful that it breaks hardest rocks that obstruct the journey. Surrounding the self with positive thoughts will make the journey wonderful.
  • Stay in good company. The company of positive, like-minded people makes you leap and soar. When you are with this kind of individuals, you are grounded with sheer joy that will help you in achieving your goals.
  • Positive vibrations of an atmosphere that is conducive for dealing with your daily tasks make the endeavor worthwhile. Create an ambiance of serenity; this will make your cluttered mind clear and spick and span.
  • Observe time discipline. Time is one of the greatest treasures that each one must pay attention to. Remember that each second passes and it will never come back again. There is no rewinding of opportunities that you lost today, when it’s over, you can only look back through memories. Thus, make your time free from wasteful trivial things and make it a point to invest something great no matter how tedious and busy life is. Organizing your stuff will help a lot and it will make you pour into great endeavors.
  • Make rapport. Building good connections with old friends and creating new ones will shape a nice tapestry. It is also a good way to share what you have – skills, talents, forte, ideas and the like. You can also learn a lot from them too. When the bond is strong, then rainbow colors make magical hues not just within your close connections but for the people all over the world. Take note that whatever you do, others will surely pick it up and they will also do the same.

Virtual professionals find their days teeming but many of them enjoy…

  1. Flexibility of work time schedule; manages own time schedule – can participate to events without filing a leave
  2. Free from traffic jam
  3. Liberated from packed community vehicles or less petrol cost for private car owners
  4. No extra expenditure for clothes and accessories
  5. Enhanced creativity and resourcefulness as there is less mentoring and assistance
  6. Self- motivation is high as colleagues are not around, thus self-reliance is increased

Positive side for clients worldwide

As virtual professionals are independent contractors and they do not go through similar procedures that a full-time employee would have to undergo; clients feel that they can save other expenditures like equipment (laptop, phone, other office stuff), less time in giving trainings as most of the VPs* are resourceful in figuring things out and most of the time come out efficient to do the tasks. Clients also savor on high quality outputs as VPs* are open to learning and relearning and their skills are enhanced and developed as they go along. Writers can teach and do search engine optimization, data miners can transcribe and do research tasks, they perform multitasking and they go beyond limits. Their dedication is deep as they have observed that they have to be committed more than the necessary as they are involved with international dealings. Thus, their arena is competitive and challenging. With all these said, clients are satisfied and are happy with this arrangement, they continue to take services from them over the years.

More? Clients have less investment because they are not required to provide social security benefits, dental and medical benefits, retirement plans for the VPs. They can also make an arrangement of per task funds transfer. And when their staff in the office is overloaded, they can spill those unfinished tasks to the VPs who manage to do the tasks given to them even if it is beyond the arrangement. Like for instance, for researchers, they can be asked from time to time to compose correspondence for customers, make new blog posts and upload images and other things.

Meeting Equals

As virtual pros, there are no bosses per se as they are most likely not employed officially. VPs* and clients are hand in hand to contribute to their local community and also to the whole world. Their partnership transcends the boundaries of four walls and they use the Internet as a tool for communication. Internet has become a worldwide phenomenon that makes people connect easily and speedily. And with growing social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, the atmosphere of VPs and clients have become friendly unlike before which was serious and too formal. Hence, shared interests, customized videos and images and the like create strong bond and less conflict. This makes the VPs* and clients meet their equals; when one is an equal, superiority or inferiority complex is diminished; thus it resembles a loving family of smart individuals. Both share invaluable assets to the world and all walks of life take benefit from the information, messages, articles, photos, videos, findings and all other stuff that people need and want. Aside from that, customers are able to get what they require as online pros are always available.

*virtual professionals – those who render tasks remotely and use the Internet as their tool 

2 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts – Crossbow of Virtual Professionals

  1. I am a Virtual Assistant and I agree with all the points that you have shared here. Do you also work from home? I work an average 12 hours a day sometimes 16 and it can really be exhausting at times. But still I am happy that I am able to earn and help with the expenses, meet good clients and most of all be with my kids.


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