Journey of Life – From Fear to Love

As we journey through life, we encounter diverse things that make us either happy or sad. When we were still very young, at least when the time when we were innocent and cute and everyone loves us to be around; they hug and tag us along because our presence is a gift. As we are growing up, the older ones around us, our parents and guardians are protecting our innocence. They tell us to cover because there are people whose eyes feast on flesh. And the once childlike innocence is gradually lost. Fear and suspicion accompany us as we journey. Our fears are increasing as we move through life. At five or six years of age, we only fear losing our playthings, the toys that daddy gave when we learned how to read simple words. Then when we turned 7, we begin to fear losing our school stuff, those classy pencils and erasers that mommy bought in the bookstore. And when we reached secondary level, more fears are created like not being able to march with flying colors plus the other fears that come unexpectedly along the way. Then in college, in our profession and in all phases and aspects, there is fear. How can we then eradicate it or at least lessen its force so that life becomes delightful and every single day is like a celebration?

Resolutely, we want to change this dreary often damaging emotion.

Shift of Dread to Love

When I joined the group to a grand Kuala Lumpur safari tour in Malaysia, it was an awestruck scene on how the master trained wild animals like lions, tigers and giraffes as tame as a gentle lamb. It is because of the trainer’s love that his fear to go near to these known to be ferocious creatures that he is able to coach them how to behave. It is the beautiful transformation from fear to love that makes the impossible possible. If no bold people like him defied the conventional, then the lovely tapestry of mankind and other creatures is still to be discovered. It is like a breakthrough; tough nerve is necessitated.

fear to love

Overcoming Fear

Consciousness is everything. When you are aware that you have the power to conquer it, then you will dissolve them as much as water can turn a hard rock into sand.

Consider them to be molehills. Escaping them won’t work. Instead face the reality that you are just amplifying things. They are exaggerations! Let’s say you are afraid of cats, you imagine them to be as fierce as tigers. Instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, see those cats as pets, cuddly and warm.

Gratefulness. When you are thankful to what life has given you then your fears will become like a morning mist. They will disappear fast because you have a lot of wonderful treasures whether they are just memories now or they are still active in your life.

Write your story. Fears are illusions. When you write a story about them, you will be able to deal with these illusions. Then you will find yourself amused for your own thrilling ‘saga’.

Choice. Yes, it is a choice. Whenever there is something dreadful, terrifying, horrifying, this is the chance to choose. Choose love instead of fear. Why love out of those cardinal keys? It is when you have love for something or for someone that you are sheltered. Love conquers all anyway.

 How can you overcome fear? Or how can you turn fear into love? Write them down on your journal.

One thought on “Journey of Life – From Fear to Love

  1. Lovely sentiment. I have made so many life changes over the past few months and its made me realise how closed off I have been, mostly due to fear. So I’ve been meditating every morning focusing on letting the light into my heart and keeping a journal.


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