How to be Positive

  • Gaze at the stars. It may be a child’s thing. But childlike activities are good means to emerge positivity. It brings enthusiasm in life for children do not have defenses; innocence is the chief quality that they possess. Gazing at the stars makes you marvel twilight’s glee and the night’s tranquility.
  • Make a list of your victories no matter how simple they are. Some may be celebrated at the corner. You will be amazed on how long your list would be.
  • Recall incidents that are momentous. Re-experience those beautiful moments and acknowledge that you are capable of experiencing that joy once again. Remembering lovely moments makes you smile and this will help you emerge your radiance.
  • Meditate. In meditation, you invite light to enter your mind. You take good care of directing your thoughts in positive trails. Knowing that anything that is negative robs your truth. Apparent truth and eternal truth are scaled accurately during meditation.
  • Understand that there is benefit in every situation that is happening even if does not seem to be. Make a habit to ponder on what the situation is making you learn. It is when you perceive circumstances to be lessons to be learned that you will feel great that they are there.
  • Art does not need to be complicated. Just get a canvass or a plain paper and emerge your creativity. Releasing the artistic side allows you to tap your sanguine trait.
  • Play soft music that will calm your senses. Your nerves will also become more peaceful. In a state of stillness, the real you floats up naturally.
  • Drink enough water. Water regulates the body’s temperature. If the body is dehydrated, the mind is affected. So does your power to be positive. Hence, pay attention to your physical well being.
  • Engage yourself into sports. Watching or playing some sort of active games will help you bring the vitality of life. Just don’t be addicted as temperance is essential to any endeavor.

There are several ways on how to be positive. Just go inside yourself and you’ll discover how wonderful it is to be optimistic.

14 thoughts on “How to be Positive

  1. 3xhcch

    Positive thinking leads to success. I believe that. We should never surround ourselves with negative attitudes. These bad thoughts are a bad influence. – Fred


  2. MomTraNeur

    We really do need lots of positivity in this seemingly dark world we live in today. And yes, it can be that simple if we just practice these simple tips.


  3. These past few days, the moon is quite bright at night so I often gaze a few seconds at it before going inside the house. Gazing at the moon or the stars is very calming and thought-provoking. I also believe that everything happens for a reason so I always try to simply be grateful for whatever happens to me. We all have a choice and we can always choose to be positive.

    ❀ Grace ❀


  4. Really some days you just need to do these simple things to disconnect and relax, to get rid of negativity and to be able to think sanely. Perhaps while doing a recap of your year, you should just sit and clear your mind first to plan next year’s resolution!


  5. One of the most effective ways I do to stay positive is that everything happens for a reason. No matter how difficult life may seem, nothing stays constant and happiness will forever be a choice.


    1. Meditation is simply keeping your mind still and calm. Try listening to soft, gentle music to accompany you in your journey. Light a candle to help you create an ambience.


  6. I’d been struggling with positivity lots over the festive season because I’ve been away from home, but thank you for this, I’ll start to use a few to keep me up and motivated!


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