The Art of Communication

The crux of communication is the need to convey something. And from the beginning, this is the tool to impart what we want to transmit to either to nature, another creature and to our fellow human beings. When this is used to express aesthetics, then it is called an art as art itself means ‘what is beautiful’. If the message that one individual is transmitting is something negative or yielding to negative, then it is not an art. It is actually a ‘noise’. And the world at present is very noisy because of polluted minds and the messages that people want to convey is also full of negativities. The mere reason is the dirt and stench inside is so deep that is has to come out forcefully, thus it is automatically spreading either subtly or visibly. The art is lost and communication becomes mere ordinary, no longer is valued like literature, not a melody that even the deaf wants to listen, and it is not a masterpiece that the blind wants to see.

Communication at Its Crest – A Long Distant Past

Long long time ago, perhaps 5,000 years ago, communication was an art; people at that time were full of arts, they have the art of living – the art speech and writing, the art of being happy, the art of work and leisure and all necessary arts that make life perfect. Because the people have innocent minds, their thoughts were pure, their motive is just to share joy and they commune to express the sweetness of life. They don’t have many words just as we have a lot now. There are no words about jails, crime, accidents, or words of defamation. Their dictionary is just about peace, love, joy and contentment.

Just imagine, they communicate with their eyes, the eyes gaze at each other and they understood what is meant. Some say this is just another wishful thinking, or perhaps they call it a childhood fairy tale. But I still want to believe that they truly existed and they will exist again in the future. It might be an odd idea to believe such but it helps as it acts like a blueprint of what can still be achieved. Perhaps, it not 100% like what is described, but for some percentage, we can pattern that way of communication at the present time. Like looking through the eyes, capturing signals and gestures and understanding between glimpses. This works best with infants, they cannot utter a single word yet but they can convey what they want. The mother understands and she tenderly responds to her child. But can we also do this with grown-ups? Perhaps it is more challenging as one is growing old, he is also acquiring variety of concepts, there are so many inputs and the mind needs to be uncluttered. The pristine spirit is embedded with different spots and the clarity of communication is no longer there.

Mind-Mind Connection

We can use here the heart; heart to heart strings. It is when the heart accepts that the mind can conceive what must be imparted. Some would assert that first is thoughts then the words then the actions and the cycle continues. Yes, the pattern is like this but the thought is merely just a thought in the mind and it will not be conveyed unless the intellect says so. This is where decision making occurs. The intellect has a subtle component – the heart or we can call it conscience. They work almost simultaneously; but we sometimes fail to see the gaps because we are too fast in acting out our thoughts and feelings. This is where the art is lost. It becomes a mess and we need to make it spick-and-span like a big storm performing a colossal distillation of a homeland. And once this is done, the art is celebrated like the bees dancing to express their message to each other.

Sharing Jewels

The lines will continue and days will be used to describe what the art is all about. Let’s get to the point, commune because there is something substantial to share. Put off the negatives that you want to impart like resentment, lust, criticism and disheartenment. Yes, these unwanted thoughts and feelings come but hold over and if you need to communicate them, be cautious that they do not pollute the air, we don’t have much oxygen now, at least give care to mother earth. Thus, share what is positive, it does not take long to smile, that too is a great way to communicate. And when you have to say something, let it be words that has value, like jewels, not stones that would hurt. When you write, jot words that have worth that every one that reads it will glow with sheer joy. And each morning, talk to yourself. It is one of the best methods to communicate in the right way. Affirmations like ‘I value myself; I am capable and lovable…”. These thoughts will sink in deeply and they will automatically be projected when you commune with others. You will also begin to see their value, have sense of trust and true relationships will be built in a natural way.

Silence is the Key

It is when I have learned to connect clearly and lovingly with the self that I can use that skill to others. It all starts with the self anyway. But always remember that communication is always a two way process. The sender and the receiver have their own part during the process. The sender needs to impart clearly and amiably and the receiver accepts with openness. It is a shared responsibility between the two. And if there is misunderstanding, both parties need to reflect where the missing point lies; the receiver cannot always blame the sender. Both sides need to correspond with resilience. The youth understands this process unreservedly while the grown-ups carry a lot of defenses. Most of the time they blame the sender that the message was not properly conveyed and they deserve to reprimand the young. Perhaps the mode of communication has become so different now or it could be perplexed by the rapid change that silence is no longer a happy part of festivity; it is associated with lonesomeness. But it shouldn’t, silence is the key to make the art of communication like an orchestra – harmony is the foundation.

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