10 Lessons in Life: Shared Treasures for the Parched Spirit

Was it your aha moment? Is it an impulsive bombshell? Or is it a long kept secret of the ancestors or wisdom from a sage? Or perhaps it is something that you have heard sometime in your early education and then you abruptly used it for a particular situation. It could also be a kind advice from your mom or friend. Or it is a realization that you have just now.

Photo courtesy of fernandobiz.com - Lessons in Life

Wherever it came from, the springboard of learning is change. In experiential education, learning is defined as something that you become aware of and then a change or a shift transpires. If you become aware of something, but no change happened either in your perception or actions, then you haven’t learned. It remains information per se. For instance, when we were still very young, we were taught how to write the letters of our first name. Our parents taught us how to curve the letters of the alphabet. Then the learning took place when your hand was able to write it. If for instance, you cannot yet mark the letters, then learning is not yet taking place. It is the same way with all other things. Learning simply means ‘change’. Whomever, whenever or wherever the source of these lovely lessons are, they provide us exquisite moments.

  1. We came alone and we will go back alone. Learning to enjoy solitude as one enjoys a party is one of the best arts of living. Solitude for others is associated with a monk who seclude from the crowd to enjoy silence. This is one type of it. But solitude also means I am in unison with the stillness of the spirit. Yes, we learn a lot from each other; we enjoy each other’s company. But there are things that you can value best when you’re alone. One example is reflection. These moments bring untold treasures of the spirit as divergent to the clatter of a disturbed mind.Never hinder your chance to be happy. Every moment is an opportunity to be happy. If you decide to be happy now, you will be happy the next moment.
  2. Peace is innate in each living creature. These include people whether colored or fair, the animals and nature. Respecting the peace that they rightfully own means allowing them to live freely.
  3. Never compare yourself to others; we are all unique and this beautiful distinction is a good means to have positive exchanges of talents, skills, experiences and wisdom. And if you want to be significant, dare to be one of a kind. Don’t always adhere to conventional ways. Innovate. Inspire. Build. Maintain a pioneering spirit.
  4. Decorum is a crown that we all should give value. Learn how to say things like a poetess who thoughtfully writes her stanzas so that every verse is given merit and her name will be remembered for centuries like Emily Dickinson.
  5. Spaces. Give space. Allow people to move. Don’t intrude in one’s life. Letting them live within their space is like respecting the natural rhythm of life. A day is followed by dusk, then night. Dawn into day and the beat continues. Trying to control nature is just an indication of idiocy.
  6. Rendering selfless service to others is a moral obligation. It is not a choice, it a shared responsibility that each one should participate. Like simple undertakings of reducing the use of non-biodegradable bits and pieces. This is a natural service to nature and those who are nurtured with it. (we are the first consumers of nature)
  7. Worrying is like creating a tragic ending to supposedly fabulous happy ending of a story. Our worries are most of the time exaggerated constraining mental pictures we create when the mind is feeble to conceive what is beautiful. Worrying weakens victory. Create powerful thoughts instead and the universe will unite with glee in your endeavors.
  8. Appreciate. See what is great instead of underscoring the flaws. Irrefutably, a flawless diamond glows stunningly with 18 facets but if it’s flawed by marks, the sparkle is not as elegant as it can be; however it is still lovely to look at. In the same way, see what is beautiful amidst the repulsive side of things and people. Appreciate and radiate optimism in this fallible world.
  9. Deposit. Sow. Propagate good karma. Karma literally means ‘action’. In simple words, perform good actions. Whatever you plant bears fruit. So why not sow seeds that benefit? If not now, then when? Remember time is passing by and there is no rewind button in the account of law of cause and effect. You can erase but it will leave scars, so it’s better to make it good right from the start.


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