Mulan – When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside If ever you had watched a Disney film, then numerous cartoon movies and memories would come to mind. Children and adults alike would all imbibe a different lesson from stories such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Mulan, who all show ordinary children the inner workings of an extraordinary heroine.

Some have the wish to be a princess. And if one don’t see the valuable learning from a story such as Mulan, then you view it as a piece of culture that has transcended from merely being a jungle of sounds of images into a cohesive stream of priceless teachings.

Mulan is a Chinese girl who literally takes on the role of a man as she fights the Huns during the Han dynasty. She shows all girls out there to be comfortable in your own skin and self. But she has to learn this as she goes on and as she cuts off ties with her role as a woman and enters the life of a soldier; she struggles to surpass all obstacles which impose itself upon her. All those challenges which Mulan faces teach her to discover valuable things about herself that would be needed when faced with another instance in the future when she would need them. Her father wants her to be a princess but she wants to be a soldier. She tells herself “I will never pass for a perfect bride or a perfect daughter.“, “when will my reflection show who I am inside?”

She learns that her physical and moral self are important in this specific battle. She is often lauded for her quality of selfless love, when she takes the place of her conscripted father and the bravery that she displayed when faced with the unknown. Her friends acquired in the process help her see through the turmoils of Shan Yu and the Huns. She has all the qualities of someone you would admire, and the challenges which Mulan faces make her a poster girl for any young girl who would want to emulate the legendary Hua Mulan. They need to be as quick and as savvy as Mulan is, who endears herself to her viewers by being unique and restless, truly, the “flower that blooms in adversity.”

You can learn many things from Mulan. She is courageous, resourceful, and accepting, qualities anyone who yearns to become a heroine. Managing to stay true to her Chinese heritage and values, possibly without being aware of it or without consciously trying, she plows forward with relentless energy towards the uphill battle of defeating the Huns and thus overcoming an avalanche of contradictions within herself and her social milieu.

When you watch Mulan, you think of the word bravery. It would take fearlessness to serve the country and to do it for the great reason as she did. She would catapult herself into honor and still she remains that young girl who is unsure of herself, who retains a flavor of the comedic after all these years and experiences, who very deservingly discovers the love that she never abandoned but will now always be present inside her and surrounding her.


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