Believe in Yourself

A life worth living is a life full of fulfilled dreams and aspirations. Just imagine how great you would become if you believe in yourself! Perhaps, in the past you have heard some painful criticisms that have tumbled down your self-esteem.

Voices of aching phrases such as… ‘you can’t do it’… ‘when are you going to succeed’… ‘you will fail’… ‘it’s not for you, forget it’ … ‘accept it that you really can’t’… ‘this person is much better than you’…

These doubtful phrases create strong negative forces that will continue to keep you in the dark. These doubts eventually turn into reality because you have fed them on your consciousness and it has become a natural part of your attitude towards life. Your attitude becomes your world. This is a vicious cycle of doubts-failure-doubts-failure which leads you to frustrations, disheartenments, disappointments and eventually, hopelessness. This has to stop by creating more positive affirmations.

Here are motivational affirmations that will create a framework to boost your self-esteem.

  1. You are unique and have something to contribute.
  2. You are capable.
  3. You are valuable.
  4. You can do it because you really can.
  5. You are exceptional in your dealings because you want it to be.
  6. You have great talents.
  7. You are successful because success is your birthright.
  8. You are lovable because you know how to love.

These magic 8 powerful affirmative statements will surely seize the day and bring limitless possibilities. They become your tools to enhance your self-esteem. As you repeatedly listen to these affirmations, your heart will finally absorb them and gradually things will come out better and better. You can also make it more personal by making it specific. Let’s say for instance, the statement ‘you have great talents’, reflect which talent is it, if you are a good in drawing, tell it to yourself, ‘I am good in drawing.’ This will work much better because it’s specific.

believe in yourself

From self-affirmations, list down and outline what you want to achieve. This will help in strengthening your courage to be what you can be. Believing in ‘you’ becomes easier with these simple steps.

Now you have to journey into visualization to help you actualize your aspirations. Visualize what you are going to become. Use your senses in your visualizations, feel it how it is going to be, see yourself achieving what you want to become. Visualize your attire on that most beautiful day, the atmosphere, the people congratulating you and every detail that you can incorporate into your visualization.

To wrap them up – affirmations, outline and visualization – are tools that can empower you to build self-esteem and gradually erase self-doubts. Remember that whatever energy is focused on, it becomes powerful. If you build energy for uplifting your self-esteem, it becomes powerful and eventually becomes a reality. In the same way, self-doubts, self-criticisms become strong when you dwell on them. These doubts are blocking forces for a successful and a fulfilling life. And because life is short, why not make it meaningful by believing in yourself? Of course, you can’t expect every person that you encounter to have the ‘trust’ that you have for yourself. They will compare you, draw your pitfalls, recall your past failures and whatnot; but then just keep on believing on your potentials and stop the dependency of what others are saying about you as this only hinder you from reaching your highest potential.




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