Ang Puno (The Tree)

Sa isang sulok ng aming paaralan

Matayog na puno iyong matatagpuan

Ito’y punong-puno ng berdeng dapon

Na siyang naglalagas maghapon

In one corner of our school

You can find a lofty tree

Full of dark green leaves

That fall each passing day

Ngunit ganoon pa man,

Aking nadarama’y kasiyahan

Dahil sa hangin nitong binibigay

Ang aking paaralan ay presko at makulay

I feel some solace

It’s good

Because of the air it provides

My school is fresh and clean

Sa paglipas ng mga araw

Siya ay unti-unting tumatanda

At hindi na siya masyadong gumagalaw

Dahilan sa katandaan , hindi na siya makasayaw

Over the days

The tree is gradually getting older

And it doesn’t move much anymore

Due to old age, it could no longer dance

Hanggang isang araw siya’y wala na roon

Napalitan na pala ng isang puno

Alam ko na hindi maglalaon

Ganoon din ang kahihinatnan ng punong bago

Until one day it was no longer there

It was replaced by a new sapling

I know that one day

The new sapling will become old

Narito ako ngayon,nagsusulat ng tula

Sa paglipas ng panahon

Ako’y papalitan din ng iba

At ako rin ay magiging isang kahapon

Here I am now, writing a poetry

Over time as time passes

I will be replaced by others

And I too will become part of yesterday

Believe in Yourself

A life worth living is a life full of fulfilled dreams and aspirations. Just imagine how great you would become if you believe in yourself! Perhaps, in the past you have heard some painful criticisms that have tumbled down your self-esteem.

Voices of aching phrases such as… ‘you can’t do it’… ‘when are you going to succeed’… ‘you will fail’… ‘it’s not for you, forget it’ … ‘accept it that you really can’t’… ‘this person is much better than you’…

These doubtful phrases create strong negative forces that will continue to keep you in the dark. These doubts eventually turn into reality because you have fed them on your consciousness and it has become a natural part of your attitude towards life. Your attitude becomes your world. This is a vicious cycle of doubts-failure-doubts-failure which leads you to frustrations, disheartenments, disappointments and eventually, hopelessness. This has to stop by creating more positive affirmations.

Here are motivational affirmations that will create a framework to boost your self-esteem.

  1. You are unique and have something to contribute.
  2. You are capable.
  3. You are valuable.
  4. You can do it because you really can.
  5. You are exceptional in your dealings because you want it to be.
  6. You have great talents.
  7. You are successful because success is your birthright.
  8. You are lovable because you know how to love.

These magic 8 powerful affirmative statements will surely seize the day and bring limitless possibilities. They become your tools to enhance your self-esteem. As you repeatedly listen to these affirmations, your heart will finally absorb them and gradually things will come out better and better. You can also make it more personal by making it specific. Let’s say for instance, the statement ‘you have great talents’, reflect which talent is it, if you are a good in drawing, tell it to yourself, ‘I am good in drawing.’ This will work much better because it’s specific.

believe in yourself

From self-affirmations, list down and outline what you want to achieve. This will help in strengthening your courage to be what you can be. Believing in ‘you’ becomes easier with these simple steps.

Now you have to journey into visualization to help you actualize your aspirations. Visualize what you are going to become. Use your senses in your visualizations, feel it how it is going to be, see yourself achieving what you want to become. Visualize your attire on that most beautiful day, the atmosphere, the people congratulating you and every detail that you can incorporate into your visualization.

To wrap them up – affirmations, outline and visualization – are tools that can empower you to build self-esteem and gradually erase self-doubts. Remember that whatever energy is focused on, it becomes powerful. If you build energy for uplifting your self-esteem, it becomes powerful and eventually becomes a reality. In the same way, self-doubts, self-criticisms become strong when you dwell on them. These doubts are blocking forces for a successful and a fulfilling life. And because life is short, why not make it meaningful by believing in yourself? Of course, you can’t expect every person that you encounter to have the ‘trust’ that you have for yourself. They will compare you, draw your pitfalls, recall your past failures and whatnot; but then just keep on believing on your potentials and stop the dependency of what others are saying about you as this only hinder you from reaching your highest potential.




How Your Perspective to Failure can Affect Your Success in Life

When failures come do you feel that the world is against you? Do you feel that over the moon days are over and success is very far? Do you ever consider failures to be ‘failures’ or they are just stepping stones to another wonderful scene in your life?

Take time out and check your heart. Processing your feelings is much better than fretting out and suppressing them. Remember that when you suppress your unwanted feelings, they will return and their effect will bring more danger to your well-being.


How failure can affect your success in life

How failure affects our lives is just a matter of perspective. A negative perspective of failure will be a hindrance to your success while a positive perspective will act as a stepping stone to your success. Therefore, looking at failures as a positive incident in your life will allow you to move on and be a better person.  There are ways on how to change your perspective of failure from negative to positive. First of all you should treat failure as part of life. Remember that we are living in a fallible world. Mistakes occur and there are obstructions along the way. Acceptance and learning how to manage mistakes and failures are the things that need to be done. Recall your past triumphs and take lessons on how you were able to reach them. Was it patience that played a big role, was it courage – the power to face that pulled you up, was it your determination – unwavering thought to keep on moving or was it your wisdom that guided you? Reflect which among your inner treasures or perhaps a combination of them that made you victorious before. Use them again and say to yourself with full faith that the universe will conspire with you and all will be well once again.

Remember that failure is irreversible and never ever give up; don’t call a mistake as your failure. Always remember that failure is your stepping stone to success; it will always depend on your outlook. Failure can push you to grow and be a stronger person with a much positive perspective in life.

It is a challenging world. Everybody has their price to pay and failure is always one of them. From time to time, mistakes happen, some unpleasant things take place but there is one thing for sure – your courage will lift you up. Things come and go anyway. It is a continuous journey.

Many will advise you to take help from the Divine or to someone higher than humans. Yes this is true but don’t leave your pleas as requests. Sincerity of heart and cleanliness of intention counts and remember that you need to take one step of courage and thousandfold of help from up above will be bestowed upon you. And when guidance and help was given, be grateful by being close to Him more than ever before. Don’t let go of His Hand and tell that you are now fine. Always take care that your friendship is for all seasons and not just on dark cold nights. With the thought that all will be well – the tide will become low again and high waves will slow down,  step up, move on and do not be afraid, treat every scene as a way of reminding you that you can do better. Indeed, it is not that easy to look at failure in a positive perspective but just keep on trying.

Take inspiration from these famous people who failed but succeeded because they learned to look at their special talent. You can likewise become like them and inspire others to be optimistic.

Albert Einstein- Due to poor grades in school, his teacher asked him to quit, saying, “Einstein, you will never amount to anything!” and then many failures continued. But in 1921, he was given a Nobel Prize award for Physics.

Isaac Newton – Very poor in academics but he worked on the subject matter on gravitation, this makes him one of the greatest scientists in the world.

Walt Disney – Because of lack of imagination and great ideas, he was fired by a newspaper editor; but now look at how he created the Disney World – everyone is fascinated with Disney characters.

Mulan – When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside If ever you had watched a Disney film, then numerous cartoon movies and memories would come to mind. Children and adults alike would all imbibe a different lesson from stories such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Mulan, who all show ordinary children the inner workings of an extraordinary heroine.

Some have the wish to be a princess. And if one don’t see the valuable learning from a story such as Mulan, then you view it as a piece of culture that has transcended from merely being a jungle of sounds of images into a cohesive stream of priceless teachings.

Mulan is a Chinese girl who literally takes on the role of a man as she fights the Huns during the Han dynasty. She shows all girls out there to be comfortable in your own skin and self. But she has to learn this as she goes on and as she cuts off ties with her role as a woman and enters the life of a soldier; she struggles to surpass all obstacles which impose itself upon her. All those challenges which Mulan faces teach her to discover valuable things about herself that would be needed when faced with another instance in the future when she would need them. Her father wants her to be a princess but she wants to be a soldier. She tells herself “I will never pass for a perfect bride or a perfect daughter.“, “when will my reflection show who I am inside?”

She learns that her physical and moral self are important in this specific battle. She is often lauded for her quality of selfless love, when she takes the place of her conscripted father and the bravery that she displayed when faced with the unknown. Her friends acquired in the process help her see through the turmoils of Shan Yu and the Huns. She has all the qualities of someone you would admire, and the challenges which Mulan faces make her a poster girl for any young girl who would want to emulate the legendary Hua Mulan. They need to be as quick and as savvy as Mulan is, who endears herself to her viewers by being unique and restless, truly, the “flower that blooms in adversity.”

You can learn many things from Mulan. She is courageous, resourceful, and accepting, qualities anyone who yearns to become a heroine. Managing to stay true to her Chinese heritage and values, possibly without being aware of it or without consciously trying, she plows forward with relentless energy towards the uphill battle of defeating the Huns and thus overcoming an avalanche of contradictions within herself and her social milieu.

When you watch Mulan, you think of the word bravery. It would take fearlessness to serve the country and to do it for the great reason as she did. She would catapult herself into honor and still she remains that young girl who is unsure of herself, who retains a flavor of the comedic after all these years and experiences, who very deservingly discovers the love that she never abandoned but will now always be present inside her and surrounding her.


Of Actors and Heroines on the World Stage

When we are confronted with the load of a world struck by rapid revolution and cataclysm, we can consequently easily lose our sense of ‘being’ in the endurance stratagem of ‘doing.’ In order to build and develop inner strength, it is utterly vital at this time to know the self and our innate value. We are not overvalued machines, but incredible and unique beings capable of vast grandeur and joviality.

Of Actresses and Actors

The ‘roles’ are ‘me’ and ‘I’ am my ‘roles’. Sounds logical? It is absolutely the opposite. It is comforting to say ‘ I am my roles’ when we want to deny the reality that we are NOT our roles. “All the world’s a stage”, says one of the greatest poet and playwright, Shakespeare. It is as simple as we are all on a stage playing out our roles. The myriad of roles is merely extrinsic to our real identity. Some of these common roles that we are playing out are being a child, father, mother, sibling, friend, colleague, and beloved. These are all important aspects of our life. Being a faithful lover or a trusted friend, being an obedient child or a caring mother and a responsible father are all fundamental of profound living. It transcends the limits of simply surviving. But the border line is to keep myself detach from the roles that I play so that I can act it lovingly. This principle may seem vague to many as we are solaced with being attached and from there we evasively consider that we are valued when we identify with the roles especially if they bring delight.

Like the king in the book The Little Prince, a king strongly asserts his absolute power. He has only one subject and it is a rat. He is so arrogant of his ‘role’ as a king. He ordered the prince to yawn and obey what he commands. After their conversation, the Little Prince thought it is just an added odd grown-up. This example of being arrogant with the ‘roles’ that we play are barriers to what we are supposed to enjoy – the ‘being’. Not the ‘doing’. Below is a table that shows the differences of ‘being’ and ‘doing’.



I find dignity in what I do; I share noteworthy substances as a sincere teacher. My busy days are directed towards the goal of imparting lessons that will help in producing cooperative citizens

I am a teacher. I need to teach.

I am doing it as my obligation. My weekdays are always loaded with stress and pressure and my weekends are spent worrying for the following week’s hectic schedule.

I am a conscientious manager. My aim is to deal with everything extraordinarily.

    I am a manager. I have many things to   accomplish. There is a queue of deadlines, reports and meetings that I must attend to.

I am a true friend. I contribute and give my best to relate with honesty.

I am a friend because I need someone to be with.

Of Heroines and Heroes

Being actors on the stage and a spectator at the same time is the secret of good performance. If at all possible, one can act as a heroine and this makes the script more insightful. When one considers the self to be a heroine, she acts while upholding the universal laws and principles that shape a better world. But who writes the script? Is it imposed or is it a choice? Are we in control or someone else is controlling? Some may wrangle that it is imposed, we are destined and we are not in control. While others contend that it is absolutely a choice. It is in our own hands. It’s our own free will to write the script. As a script writer of our own life, decide to write the type of story you want to have – it can be humorous, tragic, exciting, adventurous, or melancholic or a mixture of twists and turns. It all depends on you. Of course, there are actors and actresses around too; there are also scenes which you feel uncomfortable. But it is always your response that will make a difference. A steep mountain is a challenging climb for a brave hiker but it could be a dreadful thing for the coward. This is where heroes and heroines come to play. They are exceptional players, not just unique as we are all unique in our own way. But heroines and heroes are distinct, they are extraordinary. They transcend the limits. For them, sky is the limit. They are brave warriors for they vie to reach the highest potential of mankind. And yes, you don’t have to act on the limelight to be a hero; you just need to excel in your field. Act as an actor but put more value to your deed, then you can be called a hero. A president in a country can be considered a ‘hero’ for he is playing a significant role but he can be regarded as real hero if he uses his power to benefit the many. And that he is not using it for sheer dominance. An ordinary citizen like a pastry-cook in an eatery can be considered a hero if he prepares the constituents with care and love.

It is as simple as saying, do everything with fervor seasoned with pure intentions. Then the ‘being’ which is you is not simply doing, doing and doing. Life then becomes a tapestry, a masterpiece that is exquisite to gaze upon.

10 Lessons in Life: Shared Treasures for the Parched Spirit

Was it your aha moment? Is it an impulsive bombshell? Or is it a long kept secret of the ancestors or wisdom from a sage? Or perhaps it is something that you have heard sometime in your early education and then you abruptly used it for a particular situation. It could also be a kind advice from your mom or friend. Or it is a realization that you have just now.

Photo courtesy of - Lessons in Life

Wherever it came from, the springboard of learning is change. In experiential education, learning is defined as something that you become aware of and then a change or a shift transpires. If you become aware of something, but no change happened either in your perception or actions, then you haven’t learned. It remains information per se. For instance, when we were still very young, we were taught how to write the letters of our first name. Our parents taught us how to curve the letters of the alphabet. Then the learning took place when your hand was able to write it. If for instance, you cannot yet mark the letters, then learning is not yet taking place. It is the same way with all other things. Learning simply means ‘change’. Whomever, whenever or wherever the source of these lovely lessons are, they provide us exquisite moments.

  1. We came alone and we will go back alone. Learning to enjoy solitude as one enjoys a party is one of the best arts of living. Solitude for others is associated with a monk who seclude from the crowd to enjoy silence. This is one type of it. But solitude also means I am in unison with the stillness of the spirit. Yes, we learn a lot from each other; we enjoy each other’s company. But there are things that you can value best when you’re alone. One example is reflection. These moments bring untold treasures of the spirit as divergent to the clatter of a disturbed mind.Never hinder your chance to be happy. Every moment is an opportunity to be happy. If you decide to be happy now, you will be happy the next moment.
  2. Peace is innate in each living creature. These include people whether colored or fair, the animals and nature. Respecting the peace that they rightfully own means allowing them to live freely.
  3. Never compare yourself to others; we are all unique and this beautiful distinction is a good means to have positive exchanges of talents, skills, experiences and wisdom. And if you want to be significant, dare to be one of a kind. Don’t always adhere to conventional ways. Innovate. Inspire. Build. Maintain a pioneering spirit.
  4. Decorum is a crown that we all should give value. Learn how to say things like a poetess who thoughtfully writes her stanzas so that every verse is given merit and her name will be remembered for centuries like Emily Dickinson.
  5. Spaces. Give space. Allow people to move. Don’t intrude in one’s life. Letting them live within their space is like respecting the natural rhythm of life. A day is followed by dusk, then night. Dawn into day and the beat continues. Trying to control nature is just an indication of idiocy.
  6. Rendering selfless service to others is a moral obligation. It is not a choice, it a shared responsibility that each one should participate. Like simple undertakings of reducing the use of non-biodegradable bits and pieces. This is a natural service to nature and those who are nurtured with it. (we are the first consumers of nature)
  7. Worrying is like creating a tragic ending to supposedly fabulous happy ending of a story. Our worries are most of the time exaggerated constraining mental pictures we create when the mind is feeble to conceive what is beautiful. Worrying weakens victory. Create powerful thoughts instead and the universe will unite with glee in your endeavors.
  8. Appreciate. See what is great instead of underscoring the flaws. Irrefutably, a flawless diamond glows stunningly with 18 facets but if it’s flawed by marks, the sparkle is not as elegant as it can be; however it is still lovely to look at. In the same way, see what is beautiful amidst the repulsive side of things and people. Appreciate and radiate optimism in this fallible world.
  9. Deposit. Sow. Propagate good karma. Karma literally means ‘action’. In simple words, perform good actions. Whatever you plant bears fruit. So why not sow seeds that benefit? If not now, then when? Remember time is passing by and there is no rewind button in the account of law of cause and effect. You can erase but it will leave scars, so it’s better to make it good right from the start.


The Art of Communication

The crux of communication is the need to convey something. And from the beginning, this is the tool to impart what we want to transmit to either to nature, another creature and to our fellow human beings. When this is used to express aesthetics, then it is called an art as art itself means ‘what is beautiful’. If the message that one individual is transmitting is something negative or yielding to negative, then it is not an art. It is actually a ‘noise’. And the world at present is very noisy because of polluted minds and the messages that people want to convey is also full of negativities. The mere reason is the dirt and stench inside is so deep that is has to come out forcefully, thus it is automatically spreading either subtly or visibly. The art is lost and communication becomes mere ordinary, no longer is valued like literature, not a melody that even the deaf wants to listen, and it is not a masterpiece that the blind wants to see.

Communication at Its Crest – A Long Distant Past

Long long time ago, perhaps 5,000 years ago, communication was an art; people at that time were full of arts, they have the art of living – the art speech and writing, the art of being happy, the art of work and leisure and all necessary arts that make life perfect. Because the people have innocent minds, their thoughts were pure, their motive is just to share joy and they commune to express the sweetness of life. They don’t have many words just as we have a lot now. There are no words about jails, crime, accidents, or words of defamation. Their dictionary is just about peace, love, joy and contentment.

Just imagine, they communicate with their eyes, the eyes gaze at each other and they understood what is meant. Some say this is just another wishful thinking, or perhaps they call it a childhood fairy tale. But I still want to believe that they truly existed and they will exist again in the future. It might be an odd idea to believe such but it helps as it acts like a blueprint of what can still be achieved. Perhaps, it not 100% like what is described, but for some percentage, we can pattern that way of communication at the present time. Like looking through the eyes, capturing signals and gestures and understanding between glimpses. This works best with infants, they cannot utter a single word yet but they can convey what they want. The mother understands and she tenderly responds to her child. But can we also do this with grown-ups? Perhaps it is more challenging as one is growing old, he is also acquiring variety of concepts, there are so many inputs and the mind needs to be uncluttered. The pristine spirit is embedded with different spots and the clarity of communication is no longer there.

Mind-Mind Connection

We can use here the heart; heart to heart strings. It is when the heart accepts that the mind can conceive what must be imparted. Some would assert that first is thoughts then the words then the actions and the cycle continues. Yes, the pattern is like this but the thought is merely just a thought in the mind and it will not be conveyed unless the intellect says so. This is where decision making occurs. The intellect has a subtle component – the heart or we can call it conscience. They work almost simultaneously; but we sometimes fail to see the gaps because we are too fast in acting out our thoughts and feelings. This is where the art is lost. It becomes a mess and we need to make it spick-and-span like a big storm performing a colossal distillation of a homeland. And once this is done, the art is celebrated like the bees dancing to express their message to each other.

Sharing Jewels

The lines will continue and days will be used to describe what the art is all about. Let’s get to the point, commune because there is something substantial to share. Put off the negatives that you want to impart like resentment, lust, criticism and disheartenment. Yes, these unwanted thoughts and feelings come but hold over and if you need to communicate them, be cautious that they do not pollute the air, we don’t have much oxygen now, at least give care to mother earth. Thus, share what is positive, it does not take long to smile, that too is a great way to communicate. And when you have to say something, let it be words that has value, like jewels, not stones that would hurt. When you write, jot words that have worth that every one that reads it will glow with sheer joy. And each morning, talk to yourself. It is one of the best methods to communicate in the right way. Affirmations like ‘I value myself; I am capable and lovable…”. These thoughts will sink in deeply and they will automatically be projected when you commune with others. You will also begin to see their value, have sense of trust and true relationships will be built in a natural way.

Silence is the Key

It is when I have learned to connect clearly and lovingly with the self that I can use that skill to others. It all starts with the self anyway. But always remember that communication is always a two way process. The sender and the receiver have their own part during the process. The sender needs to impart clearly and amiably and the receiver accepts with openness. It is a shared responsibility between the two. And if there is misunderstanding, both parties need to reflect where the missing point lies; the receiver cannot always blame the sender. Both sides need to correspond with resilience. The youth understands this process unreservedly while the grown-ups carry a lot of defenses. Most of the time they blame the sender that the message was not properly conveyed and they deserve to reprimand the young. Perhaps the mode of communication has become so different now or it could be perplexed by the rapid change that silence is no longer a happy part of festivity; it is associated with lonesomeness. But it shouldn’t, silence is the key to make the art of communication like an orchestra – harmony is the foundation.

How to be Positive

  • Gaze at the stars. It may be a child’s thing. But childlike activities are good means to emerge positivity. It brings enthusiasm in life for children do not have defenses; innocence is the chief quality that they possess. Gazing at the stars makes you marvel twilight’s glee and the night’s tranquility.
  • Make a list of your victories no matter how simple they are. Some may be celebrated at the corner. You will be amazed on how long your list would be.
  • Recall incidents that are momentous. Re-experience those beautiful moments and acknowledge that you are capable of experiencing that joy once again. Remembering lovely moments makes you smile and this will help you emerge your radiance.
  • Meditate. In meditation, you invite light to enter your mind. You take good care of directing your thoughts in positive trails. Knowing that anything that is negative robs your truth. Apparent truth and eternal truth are scaled accurately during meditation.
  • Understand that there is benefit in every situation that is happening even if does not seem to be. Make a habit to ponder on what the situation is making you learn. It is when you perceive circumstances to be lessons to be learned that you will feel great that they are there.
  • Art does not need to be complicated. Just get a canvass or a plain paper and emerge your creativity. Releasing the artistic side allows you to tap your sanguine trait.
  • Play soft music that will calm your senses. Your nerves will also become more peaceful. In a state of stillness, the real you floats up naturally.
  • Drink enough water. Water regulates the body’s temperature. If the body is dehydrated, the mind is affected. So does your power to be positive. Hence, pay attention to your physical well being.
  • Engage yourself into sports. Watching or playing some sort of active games will help you bring the vitality of life. Just don’t be addicted as temperance is essential to any endeavor.

There are several ways on how to be positive. Just go inside yourself and you’ll discover how wonderful it is to be optimistic.

Journey of Life – From Fear to Love

As we journey through life, we encounter diverse things that make us either happy or sad. When we were still very young, at least when the time when we were innocent and cute and everyone loves us to be around; they hug and tag us along because our presence is a gift. As we are growing up, the older ones around us, our parents and guardians are protecting our innocence. They tell us to cover because there are people whose eyes feast on flesh. And the once childlike innocence is gradually lost. Fear and suspicion accompany us as we journey. Our fears are increasing as we move through life. At five or six years of age, we only fear losing our playthings, the toys that daddy gave when we learned how to read simple words. Then when we turned 7, we begin to fear losing our school stuff, those classy pencils and erasers that mommy bought in the bookstore. And when we reached secondary level, more fears are created like not being able to march with flying colors plus the other fears that come unexpectedly along the way. Then in college, in our profession and in all phases and aspects, there is fear. How can we then eradicate it or at least lessen its force so that life becomes delightful and every single day is like a celebration?

Resolutely, we want to change this dreary often damaging emotion.

Shift of Dread to Love

When I joined the group to a grand Kuala Lumpur safari tour in Malaysia, it was an awestruck scene on how the master trained wild animals like lions, tigers and giraffes as tame as a gentle lamb. It is because of the trainer’s love that his fear to go near to these known to be ferocious creatures that he is able to coach them how to behave. It is the beautiful transformation from fear to love that makes the impossible possible. If no bold people like him defied the conventional, then the lovely tapestry of mankind and other creatures is still to be discovered. It is like a breakthrough; tough nerve is necessitated.

fear to love

Overcoming Fear

Consciousness is everything. When you are aware that you have the power to conquer it, then you will dissolve them as much as water can turn a hard rock into sand.

Consider them to be molehills. Escaping them won’t work. Instead face the reality that you are just amplifying things. They are exaggerations! Let’s say you are afraid of cats, you imagine them to be as fierce as tigers. Instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, see those cats as pets, cuddly and warm.

Gratefulness. When you are thankful to what life has given you then your fears will become like a morning mist. They will disappear fast because you have a lot of wonderful treasures whether they are just memories now or they are still active in your life.

Write your story. Fears are illusions. When you write a story about them, you will be able to deal with these illusions. Then you will find yourself amused for your own thrilling ‘saga’.

Choice. Yes, it is a choice. Whenever there is something dreadful, terrifying, horrifying, this is the chance to choose. Choose love instead of fear. Why love out of those cardinal keys? It is when you have love for something or for someone that you are sheltered. Love conquers all anyway.

 How can you overcome fear? Or how can you turn fear into love? Write them down on your journal.

Positive Thoughts – Crossbow of Virtual Professionals


Virtual professionals dealing with various people all over the world use positive thoughts as their gears to make the best in the online world. These professionals are online teachers, web writers, blog content managers, link builders, researchers, search engine optimizers, web developers, web designers, transcribers, data entry clerks, data miners, copywriters, article submitters, article spinners, trackers, chat support, property consultants, video makers, photographers, artists, generalists, customer service associates, social media account managers, accountants and the like. In whatever field and niche they are dealing with require time and skills that sometimes go beyond the normal office or studio demands. These virtual professionals stay late at night, wake up earlier than the usual waking time as some of them deal with completely opposite time zone that is 12 hour difference and they need to adhere to real time reporting. Hence, positive thoughts are powerful crossbows to slay the negative influences of  pressure and tiredness.

How VPs* Can Use Positive Thoughts as Weapons

  • Starting the day right means making the whole day wonderful and delightful. Begin with affirmative words like “Today, I will seize all beautiful opportunities, I am capable, the universe cooperates as I vibrate peace and love to the world”.
  • Throughout the day, listen to your heart and feel its vibes and pay attention to its well being. Do not allow heavy emotions to pull you to the abyss. Keep in your awareness that you have the choice to feel what you need to feel – happiness and security.
  • When test papers come, those situations that we often call ‘obstacles’ are actually there to make us victorious. If the battles are won, then it is an indication of triumph over snowfalls in the mountain. Roads cannot be blocked as the weapons of positive energy are so powerful that it breaks hardest rocks that obstruct the journey. Surrounding the self with positive thoughts will make the journey wonderful.
  • Stay in good company. The company of positive, like-minded people makes you leap and soar. When you are with this kind of individuals, you are grounded with sheer joy that will help you in achieving your goals.
  • Positive vibrations of an atmosphere that is conducive for dealing with your daily tasks make the endeavor worthwhile. Create an ambiance of serenity; this will make your cluttered mind clear and spick and span.
  • Observe time discipline. Time is one of the greatest treasures that each one must pay attention to. Remember that each second passes and it will never come back again. There is no rewinding of opportunities that you lost today, when it’s over, you can only look back through memories. Thus, make your time free from wasteful trivial things and make it a point to invest something great no matter how tedious and busy life is. Organizing your stuff will help a lot and it will make you pour into great endeavors.
  • Make rapport. Building good connections with old friends and creating new ones will shape a nice tapestry. It is also a good way to share what you have – skills, talents, forte, ideas and the like. You can also learn a lot from them too. When the bond is strong, then rainbow colors make magical hues not just within your close connections but for the people all over the world. Take note that whatever you do, others will surely pick it up and they will also do the same.

Virtual professionals find their days teeming but many of them enjoy…

  1. Flexibility of work time schedule; manages own time schedule – can participate to events without filing a leave
  2. Free from traffic jam
  3. Liberated from packed community vehicles or less petrol cost for private car owners
  4. No extra expenditure for clothes and accessories
  5. Enhanced creativity and resourcefulness as there is less mentoring and assistance
  6. Self- motivation is high as colleagues are not around, thus self-reliance is increased

Positive side for clients worldwide

As virtual professionals are independent contractors and they do not go through similar procedures that a full-time employee would have to undergo; clients feel that they can save other expenditures like equipment (laptop, phone, other office stuff), less time in giving trainings as most of the VPs* are resourceful in figuring things out and most of the time come out efficient to do the tasks. Clients also savor on high quality outputs as VPs* are open to learning and relearning and their skills are enhanced and developed as they go along. Writers can teach and do search engine optimization, data miners can transcribe and do research tasks, they perform multitasking and they go beyond limits. Their dedication is deep as they have observed that they have to be committed more than the necessary as they are involved with international dealings. Thus, their arena is competitive and challenging. With all these said, clients are satisfied and are happy with this arrangement, they continue to take services from them over the years.

More? Clients have less investment because they are not required to provide social security benefits, dental and medical benefits, retirement plans for the VPs. They can also make an arrangement of per task funds transfer. And when their staff in the office is overloaded, they can spill those unfinished tasks to the VPs who manage to do the tasks given to them even if it is beyond the arrangement. Like for instance, for researchers, they can be asked from time to time to compose correspondence for customers, make new blog posts and upload images and other things.

Meeting Equals

As virtual pros, there are no bosses per se as they are most likely not employed officially. VPs* and clients are hand in hand to contribute to their local community and also to the whole world. Their partnership transcends the boundaries of four walls and they use the Internet as a tool for communication. Internet has become a worldwide phenomenon that makes people connect easily and speedily. And with growing social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, the atmosphere of VPs and clients have become friendly unlike before which was serious and too formal. Hence, shared interests, customized videos and images and the like create strong bond and less conflict. This makes the VPs* and clients meet their equals; when one is an equal, superiority or inferiority complex is diminished; thus it resembles a loving family of smart individuals. Both share invaluable assets to the world and all walks of life take benefit from the information, messages, articles, photos, videos, findings and all other stuff that people need and want. Aside from that, customers are able to get what they require as online pros are always available.

*virtual professionals – those who render tasks remotely and use the Internet as their tool 

Positive Seed Thought

Exploring Your Own Ecosystem

Walking around the garden, Jenny notices a very tiny world that runs like our own. Jenny sees the foraging bees regurgitate the nectar that they have collected from the nectars of flowers. Then they pass it to the worker bees in the hive. As she explores the garden, she also sees fluttering butterflies around fragrant flowers of jasmine and lilies, and then she was delighted to see mushrooms growing in between the rocks.

What Jenny sees is actually a simple ecosystem. Both living and non-living thrive together to help one another.


In one’s life, an ecosystem exists; from desolate forests to nasty marshlands and even to something as small as an herbal plant in a container. The garden in Jenny’s journey is existing because of various items around, big or small.

In your own life, reflect and ponder the things that are existing. After pondering over them, muse and appreciate their presence. Some would be grand and really pleasant, few would be elements for trying times and some might be ordinary and perhaps they have just disappeared before you have noticed that they are existing.

Appreciating what exists in your life makes you attain the treasure of contentment.


Where Vegans Eat in Metro Manila

Where should vegans or vegetarians eat around Metro Manila?





 SUSI means “key,” it is a gluten-free vegan restaurant.The space comprises a sunroom, upstairs dining area, and a small retail section. Offers gluten-free bread and pastries as well.

Vegan, Western, Take-out, Bakery, European, Fusion Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig

It is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays, for weekends, it is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Vegetarian Health Food

Part of food chain with branches inside shopping malls. No garlic or onion are used on their meals. Offers vegetarian versions of popular Filipino dishes with vegan options. Menu based on various noodles/rice + viands combo.
Food Court, Lower Ground Floor, Building A, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. You can also find this health food in other SM branches – SM North Edsa, SM Cubao and SM Baguio. Bodhi is open daily from 10AM – 9PM




 Chimara Neo-Vegan Cafe

This movie snack counter serves much more than just popcorn – from meatless tacos to soy ice cream. Their Pita Wraps are very filling, and once you have tried the Tofu Chips, it’s going to be extremely difficult to stop.
Find this cafe at Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
It is open daily from 11AM – 9PM


Corner Tree Cafe

The home of comfort vegetarian food in Manila. They serve food from Asia to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas in a cosy intimate setting. If you are observing a vegan diet, you can always request them to make your meals veganized.

The address is 150 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City, Metro Manila
Tel: 897-0295 Cell:906 558-6177
It is open daily from 11am to 10pm


daily veggie





Daily Veggie n Cafe

An Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Restaurant established in 2000. They can adjust the dishes to cater customers with specific diets.

Where? Find them in 114 Sto. Domingo Ave., Quezon City
It is open from 10:30AM – 8:30PM
little india

Little India Healthy Cuisine

Little India is ideal place not only for vegans but also for those who are looking for authentic Indian home made taste. Just make sure to inform the server to veganize your meal as most Indian dishes have either curd or ghee in them.
Little India is in 24-F, 2nd Floor, Malingap St. Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City. It is open from 11am to 10pm from Mondays to Saturdays