These are gems, something realized, something done, something explored and discovered…

February 2020 – Hearts’ month for lovers. Bunches of colorful flowers here and everywhere, sweet delights and cute gifts to symbolize affection and care are offered to make one’s day more meaningful. For singles, it’s just another month and even if there’s no special love for someone, life still moves on with its natural rhythm. But if one takes it as a love month, it becomes special and extraordinary. Each one’s consciousness is its own. We are all individuals on this planet, living it the way we want it to be. Just be yourself, that’s all!

June 2019 – This is a rainy month. When it rains, I feel melancholic. Maybe, past memories come alive to my mind and the raindrops are like tears in my eyes. Yes, pain is inevitable but the heart says it’s time to let go and move on. It’s difficult yet it’s needed.

January 2018 – This month marks the beginning of a new life. It’s January! It’s a new month, the first month of the year. New energy!

April 2017 – It’s a hot month of April. The sea is calling for us to explore and enjoy sun bathing during the day and stare at the stars at night time.

December 2016 – Christmas is indeed the most celebrated occasion by Filipinos. Gift-giving, extravagant food preparations, kids’ caroling, and family bonding are just some of the common activities that we witness during the whole month of December. The spirit of love and belongingness embrace humanity during Christmas.

September 26, 2016 – Some people come not to stay but to leave. The footprints that they left will fade in time and in saying goodbye that life moves on.

January 10, 2015 – I prepared vegan sweets for a number of visitors who came to learn about organic gardening from a good friend. It was a wonderful afternoon and they really enjoyed the sweets.


August 21, 2014 – I met some vegans and we shared our thoughts on how to inspire others to become vegan too. It’s a beautiful service to humanity and of course to our dear planet.


April 19, 2014 – I am writing about Soul condos. It’s about soulfulness, creating from natural process into something novel and inspiring. It’s about anything that make one move and connect with life’s magnificence. It’s exquisiteness in simple property developments set in an ideal location in Canada!

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