How Your Perspective to Failure can Affect Your Success in Life

When failures come do you feel that the world is against you? Do you feel that over the moon days are over and success is very far? Do you ever consider failures to be ‘failures’ or they are just stepping stones to another wonderful scene in your life?

Take time out and check your heart. Processing your feelings is much better than fretting out and suppressing them. Remember that when you suppress your unwanted feelings, they will return and their effect will bring more danger to your well-being.


How failure can affect your success in life

How failure affects our lives is just a matter of perspective. A negative perspective of failure will be a hindrance to your success while a positive perspective will act as a stepping stone to your success. Therefore, looking at failures as a positive incident in your life will allow you to move on and be a better person.  There are ways on how to change your perspective of failure from negative to positive. First of all you should treat failure as part of life. Remember that we are living in a fallible world. Mistakes occur and there are obstructions along the way. Acceptance and learning how to manage mistakes and failures are the things that need to be done. Recall your past triumphs and take lessons on how you were able to reach them. Was it patience that played a big role, was it courage – the power to face that pulled you up, was it your determination – unwavering thought to keep on moving or was it your wisdom that guided you? Reflect which among your inner treasures or perhaps a combination of them that made you victorious before. Use them again and say to yourself with full faith that the universe will conspire with you and all will be well once again.

Remember that failure is irreversible and never ever give up; don’t call a mistake as your failure. Always remember that failure is your stepping stone to success; it will always depend on your outlook. Failure can push you to grow and be a stronger person with a much positive perspective in life.

It is a challenging world. Everybody has their price to pay and failure is always one of them. From time to time, mistakes happen, some unpleasant things take place but there is one thing for sure – your courage will lift you up. Things come and go anyway. It is a continuous journey.

Many will advise you to take help from the Divine or to someone higher than humans. Yes this is true but don’t leave your pleas as requests. Sincerity of heart and cleanliness of intention counts and remember that you need to take one step of courage and thousandfold of help from up above will be bestowed upon you. And when guidance and help was given, be grateful by being close to Him more than ever before. Don’t let go of His Hand and tell that you are now fine. Always take care that your friendship is for all seasons and not just on dark cold nights. With the thought that all will be well – the tide will become low again and high waves will slow down,  step up, move on and do not be afraid, treat every scene as a way of reminding you that you can do better. Indeed, it is not that easy to look at failure in a positive perspective but just keep on trying.

Take inspiration from these famous people who failed but succeeded because they learned to look at their special talent. You can likewise become like them and inspire others to be optimistic.

Albert Einstein- Due to poor grades in school, his teacher asked him to quit, saying, “Einstein, you will never amount to anything!” and then many failures continued. But in 1921, he was given a Nobel Prize award for Physics.

Isaac Newton – Very poor in academics but he worked on the subject matter on gravitation, this makes him one of the greatest scientists in the world.

Walt Disney – Because of lack of imagination and great ideas, he was fired by a newspaper editor; but now look at how he created the Disney World – everyone is fascinated with Disney characters.

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