Beautiful Thoughts for the World

If there is one positive thought that you would like to share to the world, what would it be?

“There is an old saying which at this time, I feel very helpful to each and every human being. ‘Honesty is the best policy’. Being honest to myself and to all tasks that I undertake and also to other human beings” – Niti, Yoga Teacher of Bornes, Mauritius

“Give blessings and receive blessings from all. This is the easiest way to conquer any negativity in life.” – BK Radhe, Sri Lanka

“Happiness and contentment. If I am content and happy I can share the vibrations and I can share the feeling of sweet words” – Reiko, nurse from Japan

“Everything is beneficial, so don’t worry, be happy” – Steina, event manager from Italy

“Let there be peace and harmony in the entire world and no matter who or what you are, just love one another” – Rani, Electrical Engineer from Israel

“If we are positive we can also get positive response” – Indira of Tanzania

“With positive thoughts,everything will be all right. Stay happy, be happy” – Bing of Baguio, Philippines

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