The Art of Self-Realization

Living in the ‘now’ entails going through a series of self-realization process. If you can say to yourself that you are at the right place and time of what you want to be, then you may be having a life of purpose and direction. This realization reflects how confident you are in knowing your true self. Confidence, as everyone knows, is the manifestation of knowing who you are.


Self-confidence Development Process

Do you know who you really are? Or are you just afraid of having stuck at the same place and time? Do you have a fear that blocks your future? These questions should be the starting point on how you want to develop your self-confidence. It is by acknowledging your fear that you gain more ways in bringing a new perspective in life – which will eventually develop into self-confidence. Upon knowing your fear, you will know yourself and your unique qualities. You will have a way to have a peaceful mind and a happy heart. Then you will realize that there is nothing to be afraid after all. Everyone has the right to feel peaceful and happy. When you achieve these factors, your self-confidence will truly develop.

Avoiding Confidence Killers

It is normal to doubt ourselves especially when we are facing challenges beyond our limitations. However, it should not be a reason to kill self-confidence. The factor that diminishes your confidence is called the confidence killers. Confidence killers will put you down in dire emotional problems and so it has to be prevented for better personality development. After all, doubt is just a mental state. So, instead of doubting, determine to think otherwise. Play with your thoughts and say to yourself that, ‘I can.’ No one will doubt your capabilities than yourself. Along with that, learn to love in the moment. Doubt usually roots from the past and it is a good start to overcome it by learning how to be confident in the ‘now.’ Say to yourself, ‘I am powerful and I can – right now!’ Your inner voices may be resolved by doing things to develop your confidence but the other ones may get in the way. Outer voices are those critics that will challenge your development of self-confidence. Never listen to these voices as they promote doubts and fears. Instead, try to listen to other voices that spell out encouragement more than criticisms. The critical voices, both inner and outer, should never be entertained as it denies you to live out of your comfort zone. When this happens, your confidence will surely diminish over time. So, in the ways to boost your confidence, the bottom line is to take a good step to overcome doubts and fears. Yes, it may take time but always remember that patience is a power that will make you successful.

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