Celebrating World Teacher’s Day Around the World


T – The perspicuity and articulacy

E – Entrenched in my simple mind

A- And curious intellect

C – Churned intensely

H – Honed to my well-being

E – Enlightened soul brought the future

R – Refreshed the spirit to be ready for life.

Touch One and Touch Thousands

A multiplier effect brings thousandfold return of one. Make one teacher happy and make hundreds and thousands happy. Bring a smile to teachers who touched your life and make them happy today and tomorrow. You will surely bring more joyous moments to many people.  Generally, as is the teacher, so will be the student. It is when we make teachers feel that they are cared for that we show care to students. Remember that one good teacher is equal to hundreds to thousands of good students. Teachers deserve to be served since they are carrying the future of many.

World Teachers’ Day is a day when over 100 countries in the world celebrates and recognize the importance of teachers in shaping our future leaders and citizens. Each year a campaign for public awareness are shown to highlight an educator’s contribution. On October 5, 1966 teachers around the world made their biggest move with the adaptation of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning teachers by a Special Intergovernmental Conference.

By adapting the recommendation, governments around the world unanimously recognized the essence of having qualified and competent teachers to motivate future learners. With regards to the October 5 World Teachers’ Celebration and appreciation of every educator around the world each country has their own day of giving thanks to their selfless teachers.

Top 3 Teachers’ Day Celebration around the World

India – September 5th is teacher’s day to the world’s most mysterious country, India. In this day, a nationwide celebration takes place simultaneously to appreciate the importance of teachers in the country. India’s former president Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan shared the same date as his birthday which gives the people of India another reason why they should celebrate on that day.

As a country that revolves in tradition, teachers, educators and gurus are acknowledged even before the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation. Gurudakshina is a tradition in ancient India where a student pays gratitude and respect to his teacher at the end of every session or period.

As a way of celebrating this day, different school activities that highlighted the teacher – student relationship is held. Sporting activities, where both students and teachers have the chance to play with or against each other. Some students stages plays, dramas and ethnic dancing for entertainment. College directors sometimes organize after school lunches or dinner for the teachers.

Recognitions for outstanding teachers according to their field of study. Appreciation cards are also sent out by students to their teachers, taking this chance to thank them and showthem gratitude.

Chile – October 16th is a very special day among a group of respected educators in the country of Chile. The Chilean teacher’s day was first celebrated on December 10 in respect for the poet Gabriela Mistral, she is the first Latin American educator and a Nobel Prize winner in 1945.

Then in 1977, teacher’s day was changed to October 16 when a group of leaders of the country during 1977 to recognize the founding of Teacher’s College in the country. Until now, teacher’s day in Chile is celebrated annually every October 16.

Activities such as school parties in restaurants or at school are held. Awarding and recognitions are also done during these parties. Tokens and gift giving are also done by students to their teachers.

Although the Chilean way of celebrating teacher’s day is one of the biggest and grandest of all, there are still other groups residing in the country who wants to change the date to its original one.

USA – Because of its many states the United States of America has different days incelebrating teacher’s day. Nonetheless, during the national teachers’ day, students show respect, honor and appreciation to their teachers, professors and instructors. In the form of gifts giving, card making and programs that will turn the spotlight to the teachers.

The history and the beginning if the national teacher’s day in the United States of America is not clear. However, they still have their own origins like in around the year 1944, Ryan Krug, a Wisconsin teacher begins his political and educational correspondence to honor teachers. A letter from Woodbridge to Roosevelt help in persuading the 81st Congress in proclaiming a national teachers day. This teacher’s day only last for that year.

Massachusetts declared the first Sunday of June as their annual national teacher’s day.

As of today, there are countries who have the same teacher’s day which includes, Philippines, Canada, Azerbaijan, Germany, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Netherlands, Republic of Moldova, Mauritius, Kuwait, Qatar, United Kingdom, Maldives, and Estonia.

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