The Art of Refreshing

Energizing, invigorating, motivating, revitalizing, new, cool and bright, it is refreshing. What refreshes? Nature as it is cool, fresh, breezy and serene. Humans naturally cling into mother earth when something is too teeming, when there is so much to do, everyone is busy and tedious tasks are too pressuring.

Nature has qualities that bring experiences of calmness, stillness, tranquility, harmony, peace and coolness. It is when we forget to look within; we look out and search for something that will help us bring back what is innately ours. Revisiting our original qualities of peace, love, bliss, mercy, knowledge, purity and power refreshes us completely and wholly that all traces of force, fretfulness, resentment and aggression dissolved. It is perfectly pristine, like a newborn, everyone is refreshed just by the sight that gives.

Awaken what is pristine in us:

BeFunky_Screenshot from 2014-03-31 212129.jpg

Clouds hang so lightly; their formation is an art that refreshes a polluted mind

Their vibrations are pure as they are far from earthly sensations that most of the time contaminates what is clean.

BeFunky_Screenshot from 2014-03-31 212219.jpg

Sunrise brings warmth. It denotes new beginnings. Sunrise refreshes those who are disheartened.

It is always heartwarming to know that hope is undying. 

BeFunky_Screenshot from 2014-03-31 212254.jpg

The ocean embraces all; it does not choose whom to give its coolness. It accommodates all bodies of water –river, stream, creek; its waves caress irascible individuals. It refreshes their composure in order to have gentleness again.

BeFunky_Screenshot from 2014-03-31 212301.jpg

A garden brings solace for the soul. It refreshes and it reinvigorates.

Bunch of flowers provide fragrance that cheer up one’s mood.

For you, what refreshes?

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